Thursday, August 23, 2012

our favorite day of the week

for our little 2 year old .. Thursday mornings are the best part of his week.

(that and when dad gets home everyday)

Thursday mornings are trash mornings!

The trash pick up here is amazing. (a sentence I never thought I would type out!?)

They have these little trucks that come to the back of our driveway and pick up the trash for us. Then the trucks take all the trash to the big garbage truck. I guess it keeps people from putting trash all over the sidewalks? Although it does require us moving the cars out of the way so they can get to the trash .. I cant complain ..  its nice. Also, as a dear neighbor reminded us, we are definitely paying for it in taxes!

Anyway, I could care less about all that .. the reason I LOVE it is because it makes the trash pick last a super long time. Which entertains River even longer. And after all these weeks the man who comes to our house has become familiar with River running to the door and every single window to watch him. He now says hi and goes slow and waves to River. Its pretty adorable. Wylder enjoys it too but he doesnt get nearly as excited as River at this point. Any day now Im sure he will.



you can see the little truck there in the window


and then on a random day that dad was home for trash pick up .. we waited in the front yard for all the trucks.




waving hi to everyone and explaining to Wylder whats going on




the awesome guy who waves to the kids every week and even honks his horn for them!


at this point there are about 3 or 4 of those little trucks driving in and out of houses and then taking the trash to the big garbage truck. (which is normally parked in front of our house too)

Its definitely a little production!





waving bye

The nice thing is the street sweepers come after. And for the rest of the morning there are trucks and garbage trucks everywhere so River randomly sits and the window and watches. Funny how kiddos love that kind of stuff.

okay, off to go get ready to say goodmorning to all the trash trucks.

ooooh River, just wait until the snow plows!


  1. WOW! That's pretty darn awesome!! I think I would even be entertained myself!

  2. Oh that is too cute! And funny! With a little camp chair, snack, and drink I'm sure any boy could stay out there all morning! What great free entertainment :0)

  3. That is hysterical! And so stinkin' cute. Boys!!

    PS...I just did at least 6 word verifications before it would let this comment go through. Why are those things so stinkin' hard???

  4. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! My kids would be in heaven. They all jump up from their breakfast every Thursday morning to race out the door and say hi to Jesus (yes, that's his name), our really sweet trash guy. Even Ella loves it. When the street clean-up crew comes in the winter to scrape and melt ice on the street, my kids pull up camping chairs to watch the action. Last year one of the guys even let them sit up in his huge scraper!
    Hope you're doing well and feeling great expecting the next little one!

  5. “…the awesome guy who waves to the kids every week and even honks his horn for them!”--- I love the fact that you have a friendly garbage collector! :D Who wouldn’t imagine that for something as simple as a garbage truck, kids would love to stay outside just to see it pass through your house. Haha! Others may not see something special about it, but for kids, it’s already something that resembles happiness for them! ;)