Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wylder turns 1

Cant believe my youngest is 1.

Cant believe what a joyous, stretching, and eventful year it has been with him around.

Cant believe in 3.5 months he'll no longer be the youngest and instead he'll be the big brother!

I put together a few pictures from his first year. (Im aware mostly family will only watch this .. but I cant help myself.)

Love you wild-man.

You are definitely living into your name. Not that you are "wild" or "out of control" but you seem like you will for sure be adventurous and determined.. and you have lots of passion & emotion already at just 12 months old! Seriously.. when you are happy.. you are the happiest child I have ever seen. You almost burst with joy. And when you are frustrated .. boy are you frustrated! Phew!!!! Its almost as if you have more emotions than your little body can handle at times! We have already learned so much from having you in our family.. and our family is definitely better with you in it. Your relationship already with River is one that makes my mamma heart proud. My heart could explode (with both joy AND fear ;) thinking about what a gift it will be to raise you to learn how to use your passions and all that emotion you have to glorify the Lord.

(obviously.. lots more coming. Freeland worked all day yesterday on his birthday.. then he is on call this weekend at the hospital so we are going to celebrate tomorrow afternoon and then have cake next weekend! Dont worry, I gave him a chick-fil-a milkshake & donuts yesterday to make up for it ;)


  1. Cute pics! Still can't believe you are going to have #3 during intern year. You are one brave woman!