Monday, July 9, 2012

our last picnic at the beach in Erie

In keeping with tradition we made a trip out to the beach this year as a sort of goodbye party for everyone / family hang out time.

Technically Freeland & I were in the midst of finishing our move that afternoon. Freeland & Drew had juuuuust pulled back into Erie after taking the budget truck to cleveland one last time. I think that made hanging out even more real for us seeing our house literally empty the same day! 

And I cant believe it was 4 years ago that we were doing the same thing for the first time!

I love these nights though because its our entire girls group and their families all hanging out. We all bring our own food and just relax. Its fun to see all the kids running around at the beach together.

And of course you sit asking yourself the entire time "why didnt we do this more?"

But Im so thankful we did all work to make it happen and got the chance to enjoy the beach one last time with our closest friends before we moved!





and then the rest of the pictures pretty much just show River going crazy in the water.

I hated to be that person that goes somewhere and only takes pictures of their kids and not the event or anything else .. but that kinda happens when your child is having that much fun and your hands are full the rest of the time with your other child who was ready for bed hours ago!

The pictures are pretty darn cute though. Pure joy! I think this little guy needs a beach vacation! :)




It started out with just his feet in the water and then he realized he could splash in the waves and really go nuts! :













and then River ended up down at the other end of the beach with the rest of the boys naked running around. (Im sure we offended lots of people .. but thats okay.. he's 2) I couldnt believe the cold water didnt bother him one bit. Kids are crazy.

Eventually they headed back and we got one last group shot before it was late (although you cant tell with the sun still out!) and our kiddos started melting down.

Girls Group!

The picture above is the best one. Want to know why? If you look close you can see a little head of blond hair next to me and behind Lindsey ..

here it is peaking out more:

yep .. my son. photo bombing the picture in just his diaper



all to steal a sip of someones milkshake (sorry Libby or Kristen! ;)

Such fun memories. I already miss it so much.

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  1. Which beach is that? We take our daughter to beach one and the sand is kind of rocky for her little feet. The sand in your pics looks much nicer!