Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freelands Med School Graduation!

Now that Freeland has officially been working for a month I think its time I share pictures from his graduation.

What an exciting day.

To be honest, Freeland was probably more excited the day he actually finished his last rotation. That felt more "freeing" to him than the actual graduation. Not that he wasnt excited or thankful to celebrate.. but the realization that he was done felt more real the last day he wore his student white coat than his graduation garb! ;)

Anywho's, the ceremony was exciting.

To see everyone who worked so hard all celebrate together.. And to see the families all emotional .. momma's crying with lots of pride over what their children had accomplished. Family members hooding their children, spouses, or nieces and nephews.. and lots of picture taking and cheering. It felt (as it should) a lot more overwhelming than say my undergrad graduation for sure!

And of course, even though we did all we could to pack and move before hand so we could just enjoy the day ..  that morning Freeland & I were running around like crazy throwing things together.. cleaning.. packing more.. and finalizing everything. But by the grace of God and help of family in town we finished right in time and were able to just breathe, relax, enjoy graduation, and celebrate!


I love that River & Wylder will always be a part of this stage of Freeland's life. Even though they have no idea necessarily what is going on. I love that they were here and made all of it even more worth it for Freeland



Thats a keeper!





Right before we headed to the ceremony Russ & Corinne (along with their families) came by to say hi. So we snagged some pics:



My dad, Tracy, and Freelands mom were all there to celebrate with us. (my mom & mark waited to come to help us on the other end although I know they wish they could have been there) It meant a lot having family there though and I loved all the time we got together.




A few pictures with the people we could find before the ceremony started:



The fancy ceremony:


Freelands picture from his first year! ;)


Thank you to Kristen & Dan's family for letting me snag one of your seats for half the ceremony so I could get pictures!


Works out he's the 3rd person to walk across the stage so he's easy to spot:


*Kristen took this picture (and Im SO thankful for them because mine werent as clear!)

Freeland getting hooded *kristens picture


*Kristens picture

Its all official now! No take backs! He is a doctor!!!!

When the graduating class was leaving my dad stood up and hollered. Nothin like a little good ol embarrassment at 30 years old.


All the boys

It was a little hard to find everyone but we did what we could and found as many people as possible for group pictures. What a great memory





It goes without saying but I am incredibly proud of Freeland and all he was able to accomplish over the last few years. He managed to balance school, work, and our family incredibly well. I never felt "alone" or like I was doing any of it on my own. I never felt neglected or unimportant .. and I think that says a lot considering the amount of pressure he was under and the demanding schedule he had at times. Our kids are especially fortunate. He made them a priority every chance he could. (even times he probably shouldnt have! ;) and he did all this without complaining or asking for recognition... but instead trusting the Lord and serving his family well.

"What a man .. what a man.. what a man.. what a mighty good man.. say it again yall!"

Im sure at this point Freeland wants to call and ask me to delete this post.

And straight from Graduation we ran home. picked up the kids. said goodbye to our dear babysitter Hannah .. and headed to our new home in Cleveland for good!

bittersweet for sure.


  1. Congrats!
    I wish you and your family all the best! You are going to be a great doctor!

  2. Wonderful pics! Proud for you ALL!

  3. CONGRATS, FREELAND!!! i cannot believe he was able to achieve such a huge accomplishment while being a dad to river & wylder and a husband to you. and he did it with such grace. wish i could have been there to help y'all celebrate, but i'm there in spirit. (:

  4. Such an accomplishment! You guys have had A LOT going on since I first started reading ;)