Monday, July 30, 2012

first day of residency and life so far

In keeping with tradition ..

I had to take pictures of Freelands first day of residency. Soon he isnt going to have any more first days! ;) So I have to take advantage while I can


He was literally racing out the door. (late his first day!) So these were the best we got






one last hug

So far I would say Freeland has really enjoyed residency. He's already had more than a handful of nights on call along with a weekend on call. He's experienced relaying good news & bad news to patients. He's learning a lot. And Im sure he would tell you he has had his share of humbling moments too. He's figuring out the balance of catching up on sleep and putting to do list away to play with the kids also when his time is so short and he cant get it all done.

I feel like both of us have stepped into this role a lot easier or with a lot more perspective than we did med school. Im not saying what Freeland is doing is easier by any means. But, by the grace of God, this transition has been much smoother and I feel like we are working harder at making life work well for our family this time. (not that we werent in Erie but for some reason I feel like we are more focused here) I dont know if that makes sense?! I think having a family, kids, and a little bit more of an expectation of what life will look like & what our goals are for our family has just helped this transition. And I feel this peace each day that we are right where we are supposed to be and its given us perspective on what life looks like now and what our new normal is.

And a lot of that is my perspective on how things are going. You'd have to check Freelands blog to get his perspective.

(JUST KIDDING! He doesnt have a blog! boom)

But Freeland definitely enjoys the people he is working with and even though he is working hard he is enjoying what he is doing so that helps. I think the peace we both have and the way our day to day lives are functioning we both definitely believe is because we are in the Lords will for our lives.  It wasnt easy making the decision/knowing we would be far away from family again for another 5 years. (especially with a baby on the way again!) And thankfully the Lord made his will obvious and closed doors for us. But I feel like over & over again we have been affirmed that this is where he wanted us. Again, Im not saying its easy or hasnt been an adjustment. But even with all the adjustment that we have had .. and Im sure will continue to have .. we've enjoyed life and had peace & joy which is from the Lord. So Amen. Im thankful he has been faithful to answer prayers! There is no place we'd rather be than in His will & Love.


  1. What is Freeland doing his residency in again?

  2. I felt like the opposite, that we did a really good job in med school and it was hard in residency. But back then it was just he and I and life was easier in SO many ways.

    We also matched at a very non-family friendly program that has incredibly demanding hours.

    I think making your family time a priority is the key to surgical residency. There will always be reading left undone, cases to review, and sleep to be had. But as long as my husband walks in the door takes off his scrubs and snuggles our family, I know all is right with the world.

    I hope your continue to have a smooth path! Faith is everything on these journeys. Without it, you'd wonder why anyone would ever want to be in medicine at all.