Thursday, July 19, 2012

fathers day

This years fathers day was nice and relaxing. Clearly .. we had a lot going on the weeks before it and the next morning was Freelands first day of residency so he just asked that we keep it low key. Of course, you never know if they really mean that or not .. but I went with it.


Freeland prefers gifts first thing in the morning. (I prefer to wait as long as possible and keep the suspense going) So we did gifts right when we woke up since it was his day.




For mothers day and fathers day we just do simple easy & cliche gifts as if they were from the kids.

So this year I had both the boys draw him a picture and then framed it. The gift was both the picture and the frame. The frames are the ones from target that store your kids art work in a little folder inside and you can easily open them up and switch out the picture without taking them off the wall.

Definitely a worthy investment in the new home!


Then we all had a breakfast to celebrate (I served up some awesome bowls of cereal)


freeland showing river how to smile for the camera




River thinking about current events and the world around him while he eats his cereal

After breakfast we headed out to visit a church for the first time. We really liked it and have kept going back since.

Then we all came home and took MEGA naps. All 4 of us.
(happy mothers day to me... I mean Happy Fathers Day Freeland!)


After I had planned on us all going to the pool but it ended up raining so we just relaxed at home and we also got a little surprise visit from a dear friend!!!


It was seriously such a great way to end the day. He was on his way through town and came by for dinner. Even though it had only been 2 weeks it was so refreshing to see a familiar face and get time hanging out.


River & Bill doing manly things like working on the lawn mower since it was fathers day.


It was cute.. right when Bill walked in River ran and jumped in his arms. After he just kept asking me where Jackson was too! I loved that River got to see someone familiar too.

And I used the excuse of Bill being here to get dessert. I mean it was fathers day.. he should get dessert! (Freeland isnt eating dessert currently if you have no idea what Im talking about) So we finished off the day with pizza (duh!) and pie.

I think it was a great day spent as a family celebrating Freeland and all he does. Nice and relaxing and just focused on him and the family. The way it should be.

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