Tuesday, July 3, 2012

25 years later .. Freelands last day of school EVER

On May 23, 2012 Freeland had his official last day of school EVER.

Grade School + College + Grad School + Med School = 25 YEARS IN SCHOOL!

Phew, thats waaay too much school for me. But he did it. He worked hard. And now he is DONE!

Here are pictures from his last day ever leaving as an official "student"& coincidentally the day we also became homeowners!


Wylder so excited he is balling crying





Then the boys made him a sign to welcome him home that day:

(yes they are still in PJ's.. Id say it was because we were in the midst of packing but really its because its just the way it is here a lot of days)


Watching dadda pull up




I couldnt believe River actually held up the sign for him to welcome him home. I love that they are a part of his celebration!

THEN .. on the same exact day we officially signed the mortgage papers and became HOMEOWNERS again!

(it was amazing because they came to our house and let us sign all the paperwork there instead of us having to drive to Cleveland!)


After working (just a little bit) in the mortgage industry I kept telling Freeland that nothing is final until all the paperwork was signed and to expect delays and lots of last second things to come up. Not to be negative nancy .. I was just trying to be realistic & set the right expectation of what was possible. Well, I had to eat my words because our mortgage process went through without one hiccup. I couldnt believe it. The appraisal, the inspection, the loan docs, the back & forth .. not one single hitch! Praise the Lord because his timing in all of it was perfect!!


Lots of paperwork!

Lots to celebrate!

Then that weekend we drove over to Cleveland to show River & Wylder their new home for the next 5 years! Here are the pictures from my phone of them seeing it for the first time:



our garden

playing while we had lunch in our empty living room




already unloading his toys

our first lunch at the new house on our front steps.

an empty living room to run around in. (so much more entertaining than I realized!)

Sweet sweet memories. It was SO hot. River was confused and kept calling it "mimi's house" while we were there. But it was definitely a blast getting to show them their new backyard, and rooms, and play room for the first time. Freeland is determined to build a tree house for them one day. Im determined to NOT have an ER visit while Freeland is working. We'll figure it out. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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  1. You moved to Cleveland? I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland and I currently work in Cleveland (but live in Akron). If you ever want tips of places to go let me know! :)