Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the last 4 years of my life

For those who dont know, while I was in Erie I had an amazing group of friends who all got together once a week for a bible study/hang out/ girls night.. etc. Thankfully pretty much the week we moved to Erie I was plugged in with these girls because Camille was already meeting with them weekly so I just naturally joined along. Of course I never could have imagined how these friendships would grow over the 4 years. All of these women were walking through the same season of life as I was (majority all have spouses or boyfriends all in medschool or residency)

Looking back I can see how faithful the Lord was to foster these relationships for me. It takes going weekly and committing yourself to get to know people to really feel connected (I think) and that just naturally happened without me really working hard to make it happen. (and thats something that I am not normally good at committing to get out and do and would have to work very hard at)

Its amazing how different all of us girls are yet how easily we connected and walked through that season of our lives together. This was our largest source of community while we were in Erie (for both myself & Freeland with the husbands) And now they are forever friends!

We all went through so much together over the years it cant even really be summarized. Lots of celebrating together, greiving together, fighting FOR each other, praying, laughing, babies, engagements, weddings, parties, boards, residency match, and lots of other wonderful cherished memories. 

I feel like I grew so much while I was in Erie. I wouldnt say it was in ways I expected or would have imagined I would grow but looking back I can see Im a much different person than I was when we moved there. Or maybe I just learned more about myself that I didnt know before. Especially how important having friendships like these are with people going through the same thing as me.. and that its worth putting myself out there to find them. Im not sure I would have realized these things about myself had we not moved across the country from family & started a new life in a new place.

What a blessing.

Anyway, we made this video for our girls group at the end of the year just for fun so I thought I would share it.

Here is a tiny glimpse into the last 4 years of my life. This is of course just a chunk of it. But its a pretty huge chunk & I miss it already.

*Sorry it wont show up on a mobile phone because of the songs in the slideshow. They have a copyright on them. ;/


  1. What a fun video! I almost got teary watching it and I don't even know those girls, because it made me think about our friends in Birmingham that I miss already. So glad you had such a great support group in Erie and hope you find the same in your new home!

  2. Looooove this. I really like how you did it in chrono order, it was so stinking good.