Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 more month until 1

As of today Wild Man is 11 months old.


This last month he has grown a lot! He figured out how to pull himself up on things.. crawl on the stairs.. cruise the furniture.. and that he can speed crawl.. basically he turned my world upside down! :)

He also loves to give kisses now, play peek-a-boo, high five, and copy silly faces. Its hilarious. He learned "all done" in sign language (even though he understands it he still cries that the food is all gone) and his favorite word is "more"

actually, "more" is probably is only word. As in.. give me "more" food. He knows mama & dada. Ive heard him say kiki. But the only thing we consistently here is "more"

Also, when I tell him no he just shakes his head back and forth and laughs. Im in trouble.

He obviously handled the transition to our new house well. He had no idea what was going on. At first I finally got him on a 7-7 schedule. But since he is back to 6:30-6:30. The boy just wont sleep late. Thats fine. I just need to wake up earlier.

He still has days where he will drink 20 ounces of his bottle but I can tell its only because I offer it. And we finally gave him a little bit of dairy to see how he could handle it (when he was born he had a dairy/soy allergy so we've slowly hesitated to introduce dairy) he seems to do okay with it. I cant tell too much if it bothers him. I guess we will see once he is drinking milk!

He naps twice a day most days. And he has done well the days Ive pushed him for church and a bible study. He definitely requires less sleep than his brother .. which Im learning to be thankful for.

He is for sure a flirt. I see it more and more each day. Practically jumping out of my arms for anyone else that is around to flash his pearly whites at. It actually makes going to the grocery store really fun with him. The sweet older ladies eat it up! And Im happy to make them happy!

We took him swimming for the first time this last month and he is a pro. LOVES it. More than River! Im sure its because he is crawling right now and somehow thinks thats what he is supposed to do in the water but he is like a little fish trying to swim. Its cute.

So far he will eat most things we give him. I know there are things he has spit out but at the moment I cant think of them. He seems to especially love rocks when we are outside too. Fun!

I cant believe in the next month he will turn 1. I expected to be sad about that but I see all that is coming and how much easier in some ways that it gets and Im excited about it.


  1. Ok, I know I say this like every day but seriously...he is like Freeland's twin. CRAY!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is early! I can't handle waking up when it's still dark out even though I used to be in my classroom by 6:30 every morning. How is it possible he is 11 months old already? Didn't you just announce you were preggo with him? hahaha