Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wylder meets Grandma

While we were in Texas we also took advantage of being so close to my Aunt & Grandma who live in Brownwood.

They were gracious enough to drive more than halfway to meet us for lunch so my Grandma could meet Wylder for the first time.

Such a sweet memory and time catching up




id say he was pretty happy!





you may be wondering where River was during all this?

Well. he sat still for approximately 5 seconds while food was in front of him. Then the rest of the time he never stopped moving.. and never stopped throwing fits. Poor Freeland really didnt even get to see Liz or my Grandma because he was chasing River the entire time..


This shows Rivers thoughts on the entire afternoon.



So funny! I asked him if he needed to go sit in time out and have a break.. he just cried yes and put himself in time out!

The boy needed a nap!


Im so thankful, even though it was too short, that we had time to see Liz & Grandma! Hopefully next time Ronnie can make it too! Its a treat to finally get time with them. Liz is the baby-whisperer! Seriously! And Grandma is of course good at spoiling the boys with little stuffed animals every time she see's them!

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