Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wylder currently


at 10 months! I feel like its starting to hit me that you are almost 1 years old. I think because I have River to compare you to (age wise) you seem so much more like a baby to me at 10 months than he did. With him I just felt like he was so big .. but really I see its because I didnt really "know" what big was!


Youre starting to eat more food. You have moments where you will eat anything (especially if River is eating it too) and others where you dont want anything in your mouth. Overall youre a good eater. You still eat baby food .. and I'll let you as long as you will. You also love sharing waffles with your brother. Goldfish, puffs, bread, and other meat (oookay, a hot dog from Sara's .. go ahead and judge us!) are your favorite so far! It seems to be just when its something you didnt expect in your mouth (texture wise) that you spit it out.

(I see this face A LOT. That little bottom lip just gets me!)

You learned all new tricks recently. You LOVE clapping. (as seen in these pictures) You do it all the time. You finally figured out how to wave also. I think youre starting to get "all done" down too. And you love "playing" when we just sit and hand stuff back & forth. You'll do this forever. Youre figuring out your toys and how they work (like driving the cars down the track) and starting to play for periods of time on your own which is awesome!


I forgot how this stage is so much of making sure you arent putting XYZ in your mouth. Learning what "no" means. Learning to fall over. Learning what you can touch & what you cant touch. Learning not to grab your brothers face or pull my hair. Its exhausting. But I can finally slowly start to see you getting it. Outside you will listen most the time will I say not to put a rock in your mouth.


You especially fell in love with River even more this month. How is that possible? Youre happiest in the morning once he is finally awake. You follow him everywhere. In the pool (which you love btw) you copy everything he does. Same with the bath. And you definitely laugh at him the most. Its sweet seeing you 2 play together and your relationship grow. Most the time he is great at sharing and involving you. He has his moments. (this week he hit you for the first time. heartbreaking .. but expected as some point) And you keep confusing him because if he accidentally pushes you .. you crack up! Then we have to tell him he isnt allowed to do that and he doesnt understand because you love it!


Sleep is still the same. You are SLOOOOOOWLY switching to 2 naps. I think you are there its just getting down 2 "good" naps that we are working on. If you take them too early you refuse your 3rd nap so we just do what we can. You still wake up early but you at least make it until 6:00 so Im still coming to grips with that. Just glad it isnt 5:00. Besides, it gives us (or you & your dad) extra time together before River gets up. But if you wanted to still until 7:00-7:30 I wouldnt put up a fight!


You were sick this last week & I think it was the first time you have really been sick. (besides a cold) We think you had 5th's disease .. or slap cheek .. or whatever people call it. The first day you became a koala bear cuddling with us and sleeping on us. It was heaven. Seriously. Since then you went back to just wanting to play or pull our hair .. but holy moly I loved you being a cuddle bear.  Being sick however did turn you back into a "I need your attention 110% of the time" little guy. Since you just ball if we so much as turn our head in a different direction. Fun times!


We love you little man.

a few more pics:

ALWAYS watching your brother

where does this face come from?






  1. Hey Brooke, I was thinking when you said Wylder may have had Fifths Disease...I know that can be a concern for pregnant women. I'm sure Freeland already knows that but I just wanted to mention it in case not.

    I hope everything is going well. Have fun at closing tomorrow!

  2. Super sweet! And I'm serious, it's getting a little creepy how many of the same clothes we have for our kids. That onesie was one of my very favorites! I can't even remember him being that small! Good luck with the move!

  3. Oh my goooooooosh, I cannot believe how much Wylder looks like Freeland. They are identical.

  4. Cutie! And my child's current favorite foods are fries and cheese. So no judgement here!