Sunday, May 27, 2012

the best thing about sick babies

Wylder hasnt ever cuddled a day in his life. Yes, he has had to be held a lot and bounced a lot .. but even during that he didnt cuddle. Until he got sick. And, while I hated that he was sick, we both soaked up every single second of all his cuddling. And thankfully because it only lasted 24 hours. The others days he was sick he wouldnt cuddle.






it was awesome. no matter what we did or how we moved him he just stayed cuddled up like a koala bear.


He cuddled through the afternoon, yard work outside, and a birthday party! cute


but then the cuddling passed and this is what all the other days looked like:  ;)


throwing fits on the floor!

River was also sick. He's the one who got Wylder sick .. maybe?

River hasnt ever slept in our bed. (except those sweet moments when they are newborns and you just bring them in bed with you all the time) Normally when he is in our bed he thinks its time to jump around and play or watch a movie on our phones. So it was seriously a miracle when he asked to cuddle in bed with us and actually fell asleep. I almost didnt even want to breathe in fear that I would wake him up and ruin the sweet sweet moment.

I told Freeland this was his graduation gift! ha. (which, seriously he was happy with .. all he ever wants is for the kids to cuddle with us in bed!)




Sooo precious

Now both boys are feeling better. Which of course Im also so thankful for.

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