Tuesday, April 24, 2012

we found a house

thankfully just in time .. we found a house and are set to close May 24th. Praying everything goes smoothly and we dont have any hiccups that delay the closing date but so far everything is looking good.

We are both excited. It has all the things we felt we needed for just the next 5 years. (really all that means is it has a yard, rooms, and a place for the kids toys .. although it does have a pretty great kitchen too .. that never hurts) We also really wanted to make sure we got a house we felt comfortable selling quickly when the time came. This one does!

And its definitely a house we can grow into (instead of growing out of in a year!)

Crazy to think when Freeland finishes and we move River will be SEVEN years old And Wylder will be SIX! It hard to know what we will need those last few years because all I can process is what a little toddler needs!

But the neighborhood is great. The schools are great. Praying our actual neighbors are great too! Our sweet friend Lauren was a HUGE help trying to find us a house. She drove by so many places to check them out for us and always had her eyes open for a new listing! It seriously helped so much. (thank you Lauren!!)

Praying that we see the fruit of why the Lord planted us here for the next 5 years. Cant wait to get in and make it our own. However, it makes me super sad that we are packin up our current house and before we know it we'll be saying bye to all our dear friends here. booooohooooo!

Its makes the move much easier being excited about a new house though! (just trying to end on a positive note ;)