Tuesday, April 10, 2012

still looking

River helping Freeland sign all our mortgage documents .. such a helper
We're all over the place these days. Busy driving back and forth between Cleveland. Busy trying to find a house. Busy putting in offers that dont go through. Busy making sure the paperwork is all done so once we do its quick and easy. Busy packing. Freeland working. Taking care of children... life.


and at the same time I still find time for naps. So I guess its all about priorities.


these pictures crack me up. It is very typical of what moments look like in our house. River copying exactly what Freeland is doing.


I have so much to catch up on. (AFRICA! Hello!)

Hopefully I can get myself organized and share all those pictures soon!

We're trusting the Lord with his timing right now on our move to Cleveland because we are quickly running out of time looking for a house. Its exciting to be in a place where He has to show up and provide clarity and peace .. so Im anxious to see how he does! Stay tuned.


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  1. i know this is a really odd thing to ask, but is your landlord planning on renting your house again when you move? we're looking for a new place...and i've always loved your house from afar. i would so be interested if so...!

    p.s. the thing i love about god's timing is that it requires our full trust. i'm trusting that you will find the right place at exactly the right time!