Friday, April 20, 2012

9 months


(these pictures are old but I think they show his personality so I wanted to share them)

and just like that the littlest one is 9 months old.


This last week he's probably changed the most. Monday he learned how to pull himself up from his tummy to a sitting position. Tuesday he started crawling. Then today I think he switched to 2 naps. Who knows .. tomorrow he might be doing back flips and applying to college.


He's so much happier now that he is crawling. We can walk away without him fussing (most the time). He is just slowly learning that he can go wherever he wants. I did forget how they try to put everything in their mouths once they start moving everywhere. This has been interesting with River leaving things everywhere.


The last 3 days he's only taken 2 naps. I dont know if he's officially moved to 2 naps or if its because of his cold/runny nose. We'll see. It normally depends on how the first nap goes at this point. He still is waking up early. Im slooooowly learning to just accept it.

fell asleep in linds arms! nugget head

Im guessing he's around 20 lbs. He still drinks around 20 ounces a day. We do have to give him bottles first before food otherwise he would choose food 100 times first... and never drink another bottle.


He still spits up all the time. Some days are better than the others. I cant tell you how much Im ready for him to grow out of this!


He can drink out of a sippy cup. Im not sure when he figured this out? The last few weeks I gave him Rivers to play with and he would drink out of it. Im not sure its a for sure thing. Might have just been a fluke?


And I know Ive always said he loves River but the last couple weeks is when I would say I can really see him light up anytime River is around. And I get these glimpses of them actually playing together here and there all the sudden and its awesome! I SO love it. The best was when he was learning to crawl and River would walk up to him and say "hey, wanna crawl?" (in the most southern accent!) and start crawling with him. Just adorable. Brothers.


Love this little guy. He's a joy. He smiles all the time. He laughs. Dances. Sequels. Bounces. All the time. Its precious and I pray he stays so easily joyful the rest of his life.


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