Monday, March 5, 2012

Wylders First Official Crush

The other week I was feeding Wylder and watching Smash on the DVR at the same time.

Wylder is a typical 7 month old where everything is a distraction yet at the same time if you arent feeding him fast enough he lets you know. The boy doesnt really pause for anything.

Until Katharine McPhee came on the TV. He pretty much stopped in his tracks. Got all giddy. Forgot there was food in front of him. Couldnt stop smiling... actually beaming would be more accurate.

I was dying laughing. I replayed the scene over and over and he was all goo goo gaa gaa over her every single time.

And week after week Ive played it to see if he does the same thing and he does. (I have multiple videos on my phone to show it. but I'll only bore you with one) 

Please enjoy this {super short} video showing Wylders response every time he see's Kathrine McPhee on TV:

Pretty sure this makes Katharine McPhee his first official crush.

He especially gets all giddy if she is singing by the way!  Soo funny


  1. you should send this to katherine mcphee - way too cute!

  2. You should send it! you can tweet it to her!

    Also I don't blame him, Kat McPhee is amazing and beautiful :)