Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wild Man at 7 months


Wylder is 7 months old now.. and everyday he looks closer and closer to a big boy and farther and farther from a baby.

He's eating more food now and he is down to just 20 ounces (3 bottles) a day. He loves to eat and when he see's his bottle he goes a little nuts. Its fun to see him start to understand things & put things together like that.

He officially already has six teeth. The other 2 are coming in right now. So he is about to have 8 teeth in a matter of days. The last 2 weeks 6 have been coming in on top all at the same time! It baffles me. At first he seemed to not even notice. The last 3 days he's been fussier so maybe its finally starting to hurt a lil bit. 


Hes so much more active and aware of whats going on around him. Just last weekend he actually started laughing at a dog on a movie. We replayed it over and over and he just kept cracking up. I couldnt believe it.

He also understands when we walk away now and fusses for our attention. He wants to be right in the middle of all the action now. Wonder where he gets that?  (Im not sure if Im referring to Freeland or myself?)


He just starting talking this last week too. "Mama" was his first to put together. So .. you know what that means? I win again!! Just Kidding. He is starting to say more syllables though. Ma, Da, Ba etc. Its absolutely adorable hearing him talk. Pretty sure it really picked up just this morning & I love it.

This last month he finally got his first cold/cough. River gave it to him. Im surprised it took this long after how sick River has been off & on.


He isnt crawling. He moves his legs all around like a frog trying to but he cant figure out what to do. And Im 100% okay with this. I know my life is going to become a lot crazier when he starts crawling so I'll wait as long as possible.  

Also, he is officially at the stage that everything distracts him and everything goes in his mouth. I forgot how crazy this was!


I think he is down to a solid 3 naps schedule sorta. The last week he has been at least. Some are really long and some are short. We'll see what happens. He's been going to bed around 6:00pm. And Im finally getting a glimpse of him sleeping until 6:45-7:30. (instead of waking up at 5:30am .. it took a loooong time) Praise the sweet Lord.


I have a feeling Wylder is going to be one tough little guy.

The other day I accidentally slammed his head against the door. He just sat there like nothing happened. Rivers world wouldve fallen apart if I did that. After Wylder got his shots he just sat there. And I think he already prooved to be a fighter from the day he was born with the NICU, colic, reflux, etc. If Im being honest it terrifies me a little bit how strong he already seems. I just pray I can encourage him to stay brave, strong, and fight the way he already does & seems to be created to do.

Even if that means I find him trying to jump off the roof onto a trampoline and do a double back flip into a pool when he is 4 years old or something.


And just because I couldnt decide which pictures to share .. here are some more of the little guy. (im kicking myself for not taking these every month!)


of course this always happens:











love that tough little face.


  1. Love him so much! Beautiful pictures, Brooke :)

  2. He is SO cute. You're pictures are awesome. That feel-no-pain, mellow attitude must be a second child thing. For a while I was worried Anna had that disease where she didn't have pain receptors because she never cried when stuff like that happened. Poor younger siblings get plenty of roughing up!

  3. He is so cute! And what amazing pictures!

  4. SWEET pictures and I love the chalkboard frame above your bed. I'm totally going to copy that! :)
    Wylder is adorable!!

  5. Boy oh boy is he cute!!!!!! And also, my 2nd born was a similar personality who could take the hard knocks and not really mind or cry. It makes for a wonderful adult someday. Trust me. (although you are a long way off LOL) Best of everything to your cute little family!!!!!!! BTW, you will like Cleveland, lots of good networking for your husband in terms of his career.

  6. He is so sweet and such a blessing! I love his smile and the joy in his face!

  7. What a beautiful boy and captivating pictures!! My number 2 is a tough & very adventurous little girl! She's just 15 months and we have our second cast on right now! She is wearing me out :)
    I hope he's tough, but careful for his sake & yours! ha!