Monday, February 20, 2012

splish splash

First off, thank you so much for the congratulations on our move and Freeland starting Residency. We are thrilled, expectant, overwhelmed, making to do list, and excited .. and sad at the same time! Thank you for celebrating & praising the Lord with us!  I'll keep you posted as we keep moving forward.

Okay, these were literally taken almost 4 months ago but I still had to share them.

This was the first bath the boys took together. (when Wylder was about to turn 3 months old) And since this day River pretty much refuses to take a baht without "the baby" in there to play with him.

Of course Wylder loves it too. He just kicks and laughs and coos the entire time.


Sharing his toys with Wylder:


Please notice that slowly more and more toys keep appearing:


until River gave him every single one:


so funny.

(he normally isnt THAT eager to share all his toys)



and then he decided he wanted in Wylder's tub:





I love them. I love seeing River as an older brother. I love that Wylder is so laid back as a younger brother. I love that they "play" together already and that Rivers most favorite activity (the bath) he wants Wylder with him. Its sweet seeing that little bond slowly starting to grow.

And them taking a bath together makes our life easier & bedtime routines faster too! Bonus. We're already horrible at remembering to bathe them and brush their teeth so every little thing helps!

PS: I found this post of River as a tiny little munchkin in the bath. Oh my goodness.   (It also has the same title of this post .. Im really original over here!)


  1. That is so funny & so cute! Love the pics!

  2. Haha, I love that you have a hard time remembering to bathe them:) That's only fitting. Love you guys!