Thursday, February 9, 2012

our new additions to Christmas this year


Per usual, I wanted to post what we added to our Christmas decorations this year. This actually isnt all of it. I didnt even think to take pictures until we were packing it all up. (that explains why its 2 months later and Im just sharing this) But this is most of it and you get the idea from it all.

The best part is we only spent maybe $5.00 this year on everything we added. Bless Erie for its wonderful junk stores.



antique elf on a shelf (Id love to have a little collection of these guys .. along with a collection of vintage santas)

a mini nativity set. I want a nativity set so bad but havent found one that is like what I have in my mind so Im just waiting.... and waiting..


and for the first time we had decorations in the boys room:

his charlie brown tree, santa mugs, blocks, toys, vintage books .. lots of fun

and a few additions to the tree



there were more but they were packed before I snapped a picture. I also got a bunch of antique ornaments to add to the tree this year. Lindsey also gave me the most perfect mini santa mug to add to my collection!

We were also able to sort through all the Christmas stuff that we dont want anymore or dont LOVE and put it aside for a garage sale later. It felt WONDERFUL being able to do that!

Now I just need to find the perfect advent calendar, nativity set, and a few other things and Im set! :)

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