Sunday, February 12, 2012

I will remember this .. and I will resolute to do that

*first of all, sadly, I didnt make this list last year. I regret it. (seriously, I think about it more than is probably normal) so let me first list out the one thing that I would have written on last years list:

I will always remember that in 2010 I:

had my first child and got pregnant with my second all in one year.
Something Im not sure I will ever be able to say again ;)

moving on .. 

I will always remember that in 2011 I:

we grew our family and had our second son here in Erie
Freeland finished his 3rd year of medical school and started his last
we finally stayed settled in a house without moving
I consistently washed my face for the first time in my life (going 3 months strong!)
we both survived caring for a baby with colic
I was stirred to figure out how to teach my children about God
I made it another year being pale white (meaning not tanning)
we celebrated our sons 1st Birthday
we spent a month in Texas back in February
we were spit up on 823425789+ times by Wylder
we had so many visitors in Erie, PA month after month. blessed.
I finally got rid of the fungus on my toenail (so gross but so true)
I survived a month with 2 kids while Freeland was away
Freeland traveled a ton for all his elective rotations
We lost 3 of our animals all in one year. 
I finally excepted that Im a different size & no longer fit in half my clothes. 
I learned more about my camera and actually rarely use the automatic setting! (which is also why so many pictures end up horrible)
I started to LOVE Indian food finally
I made it with barely any sleep for 4 months straight and lived to blog about it now
I spent less time on my computer and more time with my kids
I started learning how to say no to things .. out of necessity.
Taught River to say Jesus, Pray, Amen and Bible. 
We both worked out somewhat consistently for the first time in years
Freeland for the first time in his life joined social media (instagram!)

I will resolute in 2012 to:

find out where we will officially be living the next 5 yrs for Residency
Celebrate Freeland turning 30!! (already happened)
build a snowman with River (if it ever snows enough!)
finally change my passport to Brooke Ackley (never updated it after we got married. oops)
celebrate our 5th year of marriage & 7th year together dating
help get rid of all the junk in our house & declutter
Take another trip with Freeland to KENYA! (details coming soon)
write in our sons baby books
eat a diet that includes less sugar
force myself to get out with 2 kids alone
celebrate Freeland finishing Med School!
continue to learn to give what I have (time, things, money, etc.)
do crafts with our kids
move and start residency life with Freeland
get dressed more (meaning out of my black pants everyday) 
cook more meals for our family .. & less desserts!
encourage Freeland as he gives up desserts (see resolution above)
Say Im sorry more
Get plugged in at a new church when we move
Teach our children to memorize bible verses. (which in turn teaches myself)
make a board of people we are praying for as a family
do at least 1 thing a month that I have pinned on pinterest. ha
start over in a new place for the second time in our marriage. 
Celebrate Wylder turning 1 
Learn to be quiet and reflect more 
pray about growing our family and what that looks like for us

.. just to name a few
to see my other list click here or here


  1. Excited to see what the Lord has in store for you this year :)

  2. Loved seeing the year in review! Lots of blessings...can't wait to see what the next few years brings for your family!