Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The green smoothie eeerbody is talking about.


Freeland and I have been trying to eat healthier this year. After having 2 kiddos back to back I have a little bit more soft spots than Id like to admit. Freeland also wants to loose a little weight too. So we've been making shakes in the morning.

Enter Pinterest.

Enter The Green Smoothie eeeerbody is talking about.

Enter our new morning routine.

After posting pictures on Instagram hundreds of people have been asking me for the recipe. Or about 5 people. But because of that I thought I would share how we make our smoothie.

(this is also to convince my father .. who has probably had a smoothie every morning for the last 20 years.. that spinach in a smoothie is good)

The recipe is from Iowa Girl Eats

I cant take credit. But she calls it her Top Secret Diet Weapon so its worth trying .. right?!

Id call it just a Green Smoothie. Ive heard other people call it a Skinny Green Monster Smoothie. After tasting it Id call it a Banana Peanut Butter SHAKE. Im sure whichever you prefer is fine. Here we go:

1 frozen sliced banana
1 Tablespoon peanut butter (we use creamy pb)
1/2 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (we use Chobani)
1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (we use almond breeze)
2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder (I added this to her recipe but its optional)
Fill the rest of the blender with baby spinach (about 4 cups per Iowa Girl Eats)

*NOTE: RIVER LOVES THIS SMOOTHIE! Your kids will too!!




Feel like you're drinking dessert for breakfast! Check!

Then watch your son play with straws & proceed to dump the entire drawer out:


and then watch your wonderful husband do dishes:



We literally hide this drink from River because he wants to drink the entire thing.

Some people asked how much it makes .. it makes 1 smoothie. BUT its LARGE (about 3/4ths a Rudy's cup if that helps those of you in Texas! ;) Freeland & I normally split it!

Also, we have done the smoothie with just plain greek yogurt to cut some calories/carbs. Its a minimal difference but we do it. The smoothie is a lot better with vanilla greek yogurt though. So Id try it that way first. But it works with plain and Freeland just adds a sweet n low instead. After I looked at all the nutrition info I was surprised to see how healthy the shake seriously is.

And this morning I made an extra one and put it in a bag to freeze it ahead of time .. then thaw it in the fridge overnight & have it ready tomorrow. (another trick I saw on pinterest) I'll keep you posted on whether or not that works! 

PS: I kinda feel like a dork posting this. Sorry its not my normal post. But I wanted to share it.


  1. I'm glad you shared it! I saw your post and tried one that afternoon. We used frozen fruit and no peanut butter and it was amazing that you couldn't taste the spinach. We'll be making it more often because I need to shove more veggies in my kids tummies! Keep the healthy eating tips coming!

  2. I know it's crazy- but add green beans and broccoli too! I have been making those smoothies for Carter since he is such a picking eater and little does he know that he is slurping up all his veggies in shake form! Once you add the banana and peanut butter you can't taste any of the greens. You can also add Kale which is super healthy and delicious!

  3. our smoothie, meaning the mine and the kids, justin wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole is:
    (I eyeball everything and switch it up sometimes but here are approximates)
    two lg carrots
    two or three cups red cabbage
    two big handfulls spinach
    bunches of frozen strawberries
    two cups frozen blueberries
    one banana
    water to make it swirll!
    Yummmmm, the kids dont know any different.

  4. Yum! Now I just need a Ninja. Of the blender variety, that is.

  5. not to throw a kink in your healthy-ness, but a good friend of mine was also doing the spinach smoothie thing until she got some kidney stones . . . turns out she had a little too much of a good thing (spinach) . . . just saying

  6. ahhh!!! Kidney stones.....
    this shake is worth it! Tried it and loved it....I have also had the stones ......hmmmmm kidney stones? Shake???
    thanks Brooke!

  7. We LOVE green smoothies. In fact, I think my kids think all smoothies are green because they don't really know any different. A green smoothie with hummus and pita chips is one of our fave/frequent lunches.
    Have a great time in Africa, by the way!!