Friday, February 24, 2012

Freeland is old now

Freeland turned the big 3-0 this year.

(get ready for The Worlds Longest Post)

So of course we went all out. Its his last year of Medical School and his 30th Birthday! Thats a BIG year!!

We started the morning with gifts from Sarah, Drew & Miles:



Sarah had a tshirt made for Freeland with a map of Guam on it. (in case you dont know Freeland was born in Guam.) Its kind of a HUGE joke with us now about how Freeland is "Guamanian"

Then we went out to breakfast at Avanti's as a family:




River was a lil crazy so we scarfed down the food fast and darted out of there.

But first we opened gifts:


This was Freelands "big" gift. He had no idea what it was:


It was a plane ticket to go visit his bestie in Colorado! David was a lot of help when I was planning the trip. We figured it was the only time Freeland was actually going to be able to get that much of a break and go to see him so we took advantage of it. I waited until the last.possible.second. and gave him the gift so he didnt even have time to think about it. He packed and left the next morning! it was perfect.

Then after an exciting day of putting the Christmas decorations away we went out to dinner at a restaurant Freelands been wanting to try since we moved here. It was nice to have a meal that was quiet and just us. During dinner I gave him one of his other gifts.


(pictures from my phone)

Funny story though.

I put one of my old pregnancy test that was positive in the bag. (yes, I kept it just for this exact moment.. and Freeland thought I had thrown them away) So when he opened his gift that was sitting on top.

A positive pregnancy test:


I had him going for a while. He was excited and shocked. I was crying .. (because I was laughing so hard) .. so it was actually really believable. Then I told him it was a joke about .5 seconds later.

Happy 30th .. am I right??

(ps: I hope that didnt offend anyone. I apologize if it does .. its not my heart to hurt anybody)


really I gave him a book filled with letters from all the people who have been in his life telling him how loved and special he is.

It was awesome. Our friends are wonderful and went all out. The response I received was overwhelming and I was about to bust at the seams waiting to give this to Freeland because it was filled with the kindest most thoughtful things from everyone he knows!





After that Freeland jumped on a plane and headed to Denver to spend the weekend with David. They had an awesome time hiking, catching up, and eating AMAZING food. (not bitter at all) This is the only picture I have of the trip that David sent me:

Freeland in the mountains. It was his favorite part of the trip.

He also got to see my brother, his dad, and some friends so it turned out to be a great trip.

Then when he got back in town we had one last surprise. I got all his friends together for a nice dinner to celebrate. So he landed at the airport and Sarah, Drew, & I picked him up to what he thought was just dinner with the 4 of us. (Im sure he actually knew what was coming but he played along like he didnt)

We went to Avanti's (of course) and they set up a table for us in the side room. It was perfect. We brought pictures of Freeland framed from his childhood and set out candles, balloons, and signs to make it feel more personal and fancy. Corinne & Russ were a HUGE help and went early to set it all up for me while we were at the airport (not to mention they also drove from 2+ hrs away just to come celebrate)!





It was the perfect mix of a laid back dinner but felt quiet, intimate, and fancy all at the same time. Exactly what I was going for.





Freeland brought the book in so everyone could take a little peak at it

(photo on the cover is from our Wedding Photographer Nam)




(pretty sure these candids were taken by bill! ;)




What a goofster!

Here is the whole room singing happy birthday to Freeland:





After dinner we headed back home for desserts and to go sledding down the hill by our house. Oh goodness of course its always an adventure when those guys go sledding but it was memorable, crazy, and super fun.




(not pictured were Kevin & Becka.. they met us back out at the hill)


and then desserts:

I made a coconut cream pie

and Corinne brought Freeland his own personal coconut cream pie to keep all to himself! (she also brought cupcakes, pastries, and lots of treats for breakfast too!!!!)

(I only had a 3 .. I didnt have the 0. oops)

Yummy pecan pie too. It messed up but still turned out. Wish I could have a slice of all of those right now.

Happy 30th Birthday Freeland. It was a full week of celebrating and definitely worth all of it. Thank you to all of our friends & family that worked so hard to help him feel loved too! He definitely felt loved and celebrated by everyone!


  1. Putting a "Guamanian" guy in a guocomole-colored shirt was a nice touch!

    Then again, it was enhanced by the surroundings of Faith, Family, Friends, Food, and Fun!

    All of you have added much to our community in Erie, and our lives, while enriching your own.
    You will one day be missed here; never forgotten.

    Happy Birthday, Doc!

  2. Y'all are hilarious. And I love how you celebrate. I'm still giggling at the positive pregnancy test in his gift. Can't believe you kept that for a year! Ha! Scott would've cried serious tears if I had done that to him last month on his birthday, ha!

  3. please plan my 30th! hah!! My fav pic is Freelands face when he saw the positive preg test!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!