Saturday, February 4, 2012

family pictures

I tried to make sure we got a few family pictures while we were home this year. Of course I didnt do a good job of taking advantage of everytime we were all together (meaning my brother & andrew arent in the picture with my dad & tracy.. but I at least got a picture of them with both kids so Im doing better than I was before)

Here is everyone that was there at my moms on Christmas Day:


My Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and my Aunt's mom with Nana & Pop

an outtake:


note: us trying to calm River down.. Eli & Wylder staring at each other!

All the kids with Nana & Pop

great grand kids with Nana & Pop

us with Freelands mom & Carl

The next day we spent the morning at my dads for our very last day in Texas.

We also finally ordered In & Out! We used to eat it anytime we were traveling on the West Coast.


So I had been waiting to try it now that we eat 5 guys regularly in Erie .. and the verdict was: In & Out was definitely not what I remembered it being. I was bummed. To me it tasted the same as sonic burger. Maybe we went on a bad day? Regardless, based on what we had .. I dont understand how there were hour long lines when it first came to Dallas.

moving on ..

my dad & tracy with the boys

grand kids

wylder wasnt having it


Lots of great family time.

Its hilarious what it takes to get River to get in a picture these days. He so badly wants to be independent on do things on his own terms that getting him to cooperate normally doesnt happen. SO Im thankful for these pictures with at least both our kids in them!

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