Monday, January 16, 2012

River & Wylder visit Santa


Wylder got to meet Santa for the first time this year! Im pretty sure he told Santa he wanted whatever River wanted because River is his idol.

And Im pretty sure River told Santa all he wanted for Christmas was to get out of his lap! ha

River still didnt understand what was going on but it was fun either way!

So here is how it went:



a little upset


(the only picture they are both looking in)

then balling


i love that Wylder had no idea what was going on

So of course, we caved and gave him food to distract him.


it worked for a second and then back to crying


Please note: his pants are unzipped. WHOOOOOPS!

Then we jumped in and tried to help




*note had I known we would get all the pictures I would have taken HUNDREDS more to get the perfect one! We were really going for one where he was screaming for the Christmas card but Wylder was only looking in one where River just seemed unsure so thats what we went with!

While looking back at these pictures, as Rachel pointed out to me, the Santa is pretty authentic looking .. and I appreciate that now. However, I will say I still dont blame River for being freaked out. I was disappointed with Santa too.

Look at Exhibit A below.


See santa in the background? Slouched over? Not interested?! Thats about how engaging he was and how hard he tried to get River to laugh. So of course he balled his eyes out!

After we took him to ride the little quarter rides for the first time.



Im on a boat!




I actually dont think he fully understood how awesome what he was doing was. But thats okay.

and no trip to the mall is complete without letting River admire the dogs in the pet store. He loves it.

Like, he loves it with his entire heart and I think if he werent wearing a diaper he would pee his pants he loves it so much!


And so we love taking him there.


It was wylders first visit to the pet store. Aunt Crystal carried him around and showed him all the puppies while we chased River around.


Thankfully he doesnt understand that they *could* come home with us yet. Phew!

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