Tuesday, January 31, 2012

our boys being spoiled with lots of love!

I finally made it through some of the pictures from our last second trip to Texas over Christmas. We were in & out and really only saw family while we were there. It was such a blessing being able to get so much time with family. River this time was able to call most of his grandparents by name! And he understood & recognized all of them! Im sure that was the best Christmas present ever!

Pretty much from the time we got in town until the time we left I felt like both boys were spoiled daily. For example, the minute River saw his aunt Denise .. he was opening gifts!

I was shocked to see that right when we said "do you want to open a present?" he knew what to do. I have no idea how he knew that! He really isnt opening gifts ever at our house so it cracked me up! Now if we say it at our house he goes looking for the Christmas tree .. still! So funny



in heaven playing with choo choos!



bowling pins!

getting to hang out with "the big kids"

wylder getting spoiled with love and attention

River getting to play with his cousin Eli



check out this face:
ha! yikes


And at my dads, where we stayed, River was also spoiled. Tracy & my dad (okay, really Tracy) pretty much brought River something new every single day! It was sweet.

The first time we walked into my dads and River saw the tree he immediately grabbed this gift. (something he had never done before.. again surprised) But it turned out to be the best gift ever for him to grab. The next morning (days before Christmas) I woke up to find out that my dad gave in and started letting him open gifts early too:


can you guess what it is? if its from my dad its pretty obvious!



His first golf clubs!


learning to swing. He actually was pretty good. They even went out one morning to hit balls on the golf course. Hilarious. Wish I had those pictures!

Cosmo playing with Rivers toys .. or enjoying a break from River chasing him!

Wylder waking up from one of his many many naps

And here are some pictures of Wylder meeting Nana & Pop for the very first time:

and River once again getting more gifts! This time he got books! 





Uncle Jason came in town too!

Wylder meeting Gracie

It was a special trip to Texas. It was the first time in a long time that every single child was in town.. both my brother & me.. my step brother.. all the step sisters.. all the spouses.. all the cousins.. all the grandchildren.. and even the grandpuppy! Im not sure when that will happen again so Freeland & I were really grateful to be there and spend Christmas with family. And it is an amazing blessing seeing our kids be loved on and spoiled non stop! River was pretty much on crack the entire trip because of all the attention and Wylder forgot how to sleep while we were there but it was all worth it for family to get so much time with them! And seeing River recognize family now (since he cant see them all the time) was a bigger blessing than I can describe!

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