Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have a 6 month old again

well a 21 month old and a 6 month old. Strange.

Wylder is officially rockin his 6 month of life. And growing right before our eyes. In an attempt to make sure Wylder wasnt the "forgotten 2nd child" we made sure we got a 6 month birthday cake just like his brother. Obviously, he didnt eat it. But we did. And it was goooood. So thats what these pictures are from. His little make-shift half birthday party

IMG_8893-2 copy

IMG_8891-2 copy
(it was an oreo ice cream cake because thats MY favorite. Im such a thoughtful mom)

IMG_8887-2 copy
(Drew was kind enough to insist on getting the cake and went and picked it up! He loves Wylder)

IMG_8894-2 copy

At 6 months Wylder is a little stud muffin. I always swear he is bigger than his brother. But at every doctors appointment Im surprised to find out he is somehow even smaller. He weighs 15.14 lbs (something like the 13th%) and he is 25 3/4'' long. Thankfully even though he is still a mini one he has gained lots of weight and is growing well.

Funny thing, his teeth are coming in all out of order just like his brothers did. Apparently the doctor said its genetic. And that ONE PERCENT of kids teeth do that. Its not a big deal. (and Im not sure about the whole 1% thing) But its so funny to me. He got his 2 bottom teeth at 4 months (i was shocked to see them so early) and his top side tooth on the right at 5 months. Now his other side is popping one out so he'll be missing his 2 front teeth just like River!

IMG_8904-2 copy

He is sleeping WITHOUT A SWADDLE now. One night I just put him down without it and he slept through the night. WHAT? SOOOO opposite from River. (he took until 10months to break of the swaddle) I think Wylder sleeping on his tummy was the trick. He does wake up sometimes when he rolls over but he'll figure it out. He goes to bed around 6:00-7:00 and on a good day wakes up around 7:00am. There are times he still wakes up around 5:30am. Sometimes he gets himself back to sleep & sometimes he doesnt. Wylder, PLEASE grow out of this because 5:30 is not wake up call in our house. We'll move his bedtime up and see if that helps. And there are mornings he sleeps until 7:00 so I should be thankful for that. He still takes 3-4 naps a day. Slowly moving to just 3. And I have a feeling 2 naps will come before we know it

IMG_8906-2 copy

IMG_8900-2 copy

IMG_8898-2 copy

He pretty much started hyperventilating of excitement if it looked like we were going to feed him.. or if I had food near him so I knew it was time to try baby food again. He can finally eat and keep his food down. (before he projectile vomited it up about .5 seconds after eating it) Then all the sudden at 6 months he was able to keep it down.

However, nobody warned me that a baby who spits up all the time and starts to eat carrots will now spit up bright orange on everything! We may be sticking to bananas, pears, and apples going forward! Ive also given him puffs and he seems to love them.

IMG_8909-2 copy
snuggle baby

IMG_8912-2 copy

He is still uber ticklish. Loves his brother. Loves the bath. Sleeps on his tummy. Rolls back and forth. Spits up like a water fountain.. but a little less than he used to.  Starting to love jumping & bouncing. talks a lot. sticks his tongue out all the time. can pick up toys and play with them now. hes working on being able to sit up all by himself. hes a giggle box.

He is also 100 times more flexible than River was. Dont get me wrong, River was an easy baby. But he slept all the time and got fussy when he didnt. The boy needed his sleep .. and still does. However, unless you try to put Wylder down and see him pass out sometimes you would never know he was even tired. (unless he is extremely tired then he melts down)

IMG_8917-2 copy
(dan holding Wylder trying to get him to stick his tongue out. adorbs!)

IMG_8908-2 copy
and he was ready for bed here.

He is starting to know what he wants and fuss when you arent giving him attention. I remember River doing that at this same age. And I love that he wants more interaction and wants to play. River is still so sweet to him. (this may change when Wylder is crawling or taking his toys) but at this point River still wants him around, ask for him in the bath, pats his head, attempts to share his waffle, and enjoys him being around. If Wylder fusses he also copies us and says "whats wrong" "youre okay" it cracks me up!

Also, Wylder is now at the age River was when I found out I was pregnant with River. Crazy to think about!


  1. Omg. C's teefers have come in like that! Still only has 4. Bottom two and top fangs! Didn't know it was so rare?

  2. He's so cute! Can't believe these babies are already 6 months!