Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 month little bundle of fun

Wild man is now 5 months old. (almost 5 and a half now) and this has to be my favorite month with him so far. On his 5 month birthday he finally made it up to 13lbs. (little guy!)  And since then he has put on even more weight .. he even has little wanna be rolls. I love it. (he's up to eating around 24 ounces a day now with LOTS of oatmeal mixed in and its definitely helping him gain weight!)


I feel like he is in that transition of no longer being an infant/baby and is now slowly becoming a little boy. He is so much more aware of whats going on, grabbing toys, playing, trying to sit up, rolling over, working so hard to roll everywhere even though he cant yet, laughing, and changing daily. Every time I pick him up from a nap Im pretty sure he has grown more.

Probably the biggest change, and praise, is his reflux. (I know youre so tired of hearing about it .. but I just gotta write it down so I remember!) Dont worry, Im going to do an entire post separately about it so I can remember it all myself! But I definitely saw the biggest change over the last month!

Although he does still seem like a waterfall of spit up most days! ;)

(his first taste of food was this last month too but he pretty much projectile vomited it all up so we're holding off for now)

And as far as sleep goes, he is finally sleeping through the night again. After I got him sleeping through the night before I had to go back to getting him up to feed him to help him gain weight but now that his weight is up .. and we have a break from traveling and having guest .. I was finally able to get him back to sleeping through the night. Im even able to put him asleep awake most nights now and he puts himself to sleep! Im so thankful. Such a change!

He went through a little spurt where he was turning from his belly to his back in the middle of the night and freaking out because he had no idea what to do on his back. So we just started putting him to sleep on his back and that seemed to help. He still off and on wakes up at 5:00am and has to work to get himself back to sleep. and *most* mornings he does get himself back to sleep thankfully. I cant wait for him to grow out of that! ;)

*side note: wylder is a baby that will sleep through the night as long as you dont go in his room. The minute I get up with him he then starts to wake up 5 times a night crying. Then just like that, if I go one night without going in his room he goes back to sleeping through the night. Its encouraging to know that he can sleep if I just leave him alone! ;)

He still takes 3-4 naps a day depending on how long they all are. He goes back and forth with the 45 minute intruder. One week he wakes up consistently at 45 minutes. Then another week he takes 3 - 2 hour naps every day.


Wylder is definitely more and more interested in River all the time. I think he is happiest when he feels like he is apart of whatever River is doing. Example, if I set him down on the ground next to River & Freeland wrestling he just laughs and smiles the entire time like he is apart of it.

I love seeing more of his little personality come out too. I think he is going to be a silly little boy. He "talks" all the time. And he is seriously happy 99% of the time. (now that he has out grown being colic Im so thankful I can say that!)  River was a happy & easy baby and laughed a lot but he was also more serious and you had to work to make him laugh. Wylder just smiles or laughs if you look at him. And I just cant get enough of it. I cant wait to see what the next month holds! I feel like Im finally getting the hang of this 2 kid thing and I love it!

(TONS of Christmas post coming!)

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  1. Wow! Wylder looks just like his daddy in that first pic!
    And I'm so glad to hear you already feeling like you're getting comfortable with having two. Happy for you and it's encouraging to me, too.