Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year was extra special. Not only because it was the same day we found out we were pregnant with Wylder last year or because we were able to celebrate with 2 kids at the table with us this year! (Especially this cute little turkey)

But also because our dear friends David & Crystal were also in town to celebrate with us! Yes, they do love us way too much!

and on top of that our house had 19 people in it for the Thanksgiving Dinner!

Id say the fact that we had a full house, a huge turkey, lots of wonderful conversation and community, kids running around, and full tummies was more than a blessing.

We woke up Thanksgiving morning to our annual monkey bread and Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.


however, I burned the monkey bread! Who does that? How is that even possible!? Its monkey bread!

Then we hung out in our PJ's and watched the parade. River loved it a lot more this year


trying to find elmo!

Note: He also LOVED the rockette dancers. like wouldnt take his eyes off the TV! How funny!



after being lazy all morning we finally set the table and finished trying to figure out how we were going to seat 19 people:


I think we officially had 17 chairs at the table. The other 2 kids sat in laps



of course since David was here we did our annual awkward poses:


(more akward pictures to come later!)


Then this stud muffin woke up from his nap. Made a few phone calls on skype to family. Then played while we waited for friends to arrive and put the finishing touches on the turkey





Freeland was heart broken that we couldnt find a 28 pound turkey this year. So we stuck to the 22 pound one .. it was the largest we could find. And he once again did an amazing job cooking it!


boys in the kitchen. girls in the living room. i like that!

all the guys trying to figure out how to make gravy. They were a little testy when I tried to help so I just let them do it.




Before dinner Freeland shared a few things about how grateful we were to have "family" up here to celebrate and eat with. And then David shared the original prayer that was said years ago on Thanksgiving. Afterwards, all our friends went around and said the 2 things they were most thankful for this year. It was a sweet time before we all dug into the food and stuffed our faces!










I never got a picture of all the food. But I did get a picture of the desserts .. which are the main attraction anyway right?


Holy Yum! Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Banana Pudding, Pumpkin Bread Pudding, Ginger Cookies and Apple Bread! CHELLO!


And of course, I never actually had one bite of turkey or ham. Of all days for River to refuse to sit in his high chair it had to be Thanksgiving with almost 20 people there to watch! So both our hands were full the entire time holding and switching kids. Then by the time we both put them to bed we were full from the side dishes and ready to move on to dessert. It was a hilarious.. but not at the same time .. but Im embracing it and I'll never forget it. (I may have been a little up tight for a few minutes but thankfully I got over it!)

Afterwards, those who could, stayed and watched football and hung out longer. I loved it. Even with the chaos of chasing kids & running around.. it was an amazing thanksgiving and Im so grateful for all the things we have to be thankful for.


  1. Wow! Beautiful table, beautiful pictures...I loved it all! Thanks for sharing. And of course the turkey pic of Wilder is adorable!

  2. Rivers jacket and the monkey bread! Oh my heat. Love.

  3. This is a bit off topic. But could you do a post about where you get your son's clothing? My Reid is only 5 months now but I'm struggling to find him clothes that don't make me want to puke. Help?!