Saturday, December 3, 2011

Port Farms Pumpkin Patch

We went out to Port farms 3 different times this year so Im pretty sure I have over 200 pictures of River running around out there. I wont post all of them (obviously) but there are just so many that I love that I'll post a lot of them (maybe 199 of them. kidding)

Anyway, Port farms is so great. I love all the activties. Its perfect for so many different ages of kids. This year River really loved it. He just ran from one thing to the other and pretty much never stopped running.

Below are a few from just the pumpkin patch. The hardest part was getting him to stand still or even attempt to sit down next to the pumpkins so I could get a picture. Instead I just got pictures of him looking at the pumpkins.










as a comparison here are the pictures from last year when River was 6 months old. little munchkie:

Port Farms 2010

Port Farms 2010
that goofy smile makes me want to cry I love it so much.

Here is the entire post from last year where I showed tons of pictures.. if youre interested  Crazy how much he has grown.

And here is the wild man's first visit to the pumpkin patch:


At the time he was too young to really sit on his own .. and it was muddy so we did the best we could while River was running around going crazy. It might have been slightly chaotic. But it worked.






He was 2 months old in the pictures. Its crazy to see how much he has changed in just 2 months. He looks so tiny there. And his face looks so much longer now. What a munchkin in jeans though! I love it.

Okay, now to sort through the rest of the pictures. get ready.

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