Monday, December 5, 2011

Port Farms as a family

Here are some more pictures from Port Farms. This was the first time we went this season. And it was our 4 year anniversary that day so it was part of our family day out.. right before Freeland left for Oklahoma. It was fun watching River see everything for the first time and run around yelling out of excitement every time he turned around and saw something new.

whad up?




this is seriously the coolest things for kids .. a box filled with corn. I think River could have spent hours here.




sweet wylder snuggles

he wasnt so sure about the corn

worlds strongest toddler

teaching him to milk a cow like his dad (Freeland used to milk goats when he lived on the farm)

truck heaven!



letting a toddler run through a corn maze or this maze is seriously the best thing ever! They can just run and run and think they have all the freedom in the world without running away from you! Score.

Have I mentioned that it has yet to snow at our house? Yes, this is officially the longest fall we have ever had since we've lived here in Erie! I'll take it. Because folks .. there are about zero things to do in the winter once the snow starts!  Not to worry, lots more pictures coming.

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  1. I found you a few weeks ago when I was looking for something about the peninsula. You blog came up.

    I am from Erie and ran out as soon as I could. :-) But my friend owns this pumpkin farm and I know how much it's grown since it's inception and how hard they have worked. So this was a thrill for me to see the slides etc. I love love loved the corn box. The first year she had that and I enjoyed it as much as the kids. I was up there last before it was open. I did get to enjoy the beach though. The best thing of being in Erie.
    See you in the spring...tee hee