Sunday, December 11, 2011

the last few days of fall

This year fall seemed to stick around forever. Im not complaining. But I happen to enjoy the snow so it was sad that it took forever to get here.

For those not familiar .. normally (at least the last 3 winters we have been here) it starts snowing towards the end of October and doesnt stop until April. This year we did not have snow at our house until December 10th! CHELLO! That seems like forever. It did snow a few times in town but never at our house (which is confusing because "in town" is only 5 minutes away but since we live on the lake it doesnt snow the same at our house in the beginning of the year?! I know, the whole lake effect snow thing is still confusing to us Texans!)

End tangent

This fall River really got into the leaves though.

He lurved them with his whole heart.

running in them, smashing them, throwing them, eating them!

And especially raking them like his dad.

Note: the funny thing is we have ZERO trees in our yard .. yet we get the most leaves to pick up! Conspiracy? I think so!

Regardless, it gave River a playground in our front yard so I'll take it!

Enjoy the ridiculous cuteness below: 













PS: a few people asked so for those interested .. River's hat is from Anthropologie Kids. Our sweet friend Ashley got it for him at my baby shower. Id say its definitely worth it as this is the second year he is able to wear it! And he happens to love wearing it around!

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  1. These pics are amazing! I love the different angles you got :0