Monday, December 12, 2011

first allergic reaction

(warning: Im not sure if these pictures would bother anyone but in case feel free to skip this post! Its just an allergic reaction so it looks worse than it is ;)

Last week River had a double ear infection. We put him on medicine and then 7 days later .. he broke out in a rash. Turns out the poor guy has a penicillin allergy. This wasnt his first time on the medicine. Back in October he had an ear infection and took it then and was fine. Apparently thats how this works though.


Its heart breaking to see him with a rash all over him and watching him try not to itch it.

My dad also has a penicillin allergy so my mom was the one who actually put 2 & 2 together while talking to my Aunt.


Rivers been on benadryl all weekend to help with the itching. After the first day he woke up and it had spread to his face. Its so sad to see his eyes & ears swollen, his hands puffy, and you can tell it hurts him to walk on his feet.

So we pretty much spent the entire weekend cuddling, comforting, and spoiling him.


Last night we even brought him in bed with us (first time since he was a baby) and Im not going to lie .. both of us were in Heaven having him snuggle with us! It was even hard for us to put him back in his own bed because we loved it so much .. but we knew he would sleep better in his own bed so we did.


We're off to the doctor today! I know he'll be fine.

And seeing him so uncomfortable reminds me how thankful that I am that he is a healthy little boy with just an allergy!


  1. Poor baby! We went through that last year and my son was so allergic it looked even worse than that. It is awful seeing them like that and there isn't much you can do. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. OmGOOODNESS poor sweet munchkin!!! That breaks my heart! I'd let him sleep in my bed too, for as long as he wanted! Hope it's cleared up soon!!!

  3. Poor kid! Btw, my niece has the same allergy and never grew out of it as the Dr told her mom she would and she is now 25 yrs old, so remind him as an adult!!!!

  4. Poor thing!! I heard that medicine allergies usually don't show up the first time also. Scary. Glad he is getting better tough.

  5. break my heart!! hope he's better soon!

  6. Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better soon.