Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zoo Boo

(yes, its almost December and Im still posting about Halloween)

We ventured out to Zoo Boo this year. (why didnt we go last year?)

Bill & Christie met us up there. It was so fun and Im glad we made the effort to go. (effort being the key word) River & Jackson were adorbs running around. And it was also so nice that at this point River had no idea we were eating all of his candy! Bonus!

IMG_4846-2 IMG_4780-2 IMG_4783-2 IMG_4827-2 IMG_4781-2
that gorilla was more afraid of River than River was of him. True Story IMG_4796-2 IMG_4791-2 IMG_4792-2 IMG_4793-2
(there were a few other kids in the same dragon costume as River .. which was weird.. I guess the other moms got the same pattern and sewed the same exact thing! Strange huh? what are the odds?)

(or the costume is from old navy)

IMG_4790-2 IMG_4816-2 IMG_4798-2 IMG_4803-2 IMG_4795-2 IMG_4824-2 IMG_4826-2 IMG_4858-2 IMG_4856-2

Christie and Bill were the biggest blessing while we were there. They helped chase River, push extra strollers, entertain, and carry Wylder when we needed it. We were so very thankful!

I loved getting to watch River run around screaming and having a blast.  He was in pure heaven.When we got home he crashed. It was hilarious to see him go from 100 to 0 in point five seconds.

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