Saturday, November 5, 2011

pajama party

My mom got River & Wylder their first set of matching pajamas for halloween.

It was pretty stinkin cute. I tried to snap a few pictures after their baths one night. Its a miracle they somewhat turned out considering there were meltdowns approximatly .00005 seconds after we took these.




Lots more catching up to do soon! Lots of pictures of family, festivals, costumes, zoo boo, playing in the leaves, and other nonsense. 

Its been cray cray around here. 

PS: Im totally looking into matching pajamas for our entire family for Christmas. Best believe that.


  1. Check out Hanna Andersson!! They have pajama lines that coordinate so everyone can match :) It's always so hard to find daddy jammies but we're ordering ours through their site this year so we'll all have the same!

  2. Um, Gymboree has them too. Just sayin'.

  3. love me some matching pj's! although it's a bit more difficult to match a boy and girl. thankfully i found gender neutral "gobble gobble" sets so you better believe i'll have coordinating turkeys all month!

    p.s. i FINALLY found a target with the corduroy vest! thanks again!

  4. Hanna Anderson or Chasing Fireflies... they are adorable, in lots of colors and sizes =)

  5. I love this blog and your family pictures. Remember me? I'm Rhonda's friend in wine country, California. I met you when you came for a visit with Rhonda before you got married. Lovely family! And I really like your kid's names. Cool. And Cheers! ~Kat