Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4 month old little bundle of joy

Our little baby turned 4 months old!  I cant believe how much he has changed. I love how perfectly he fits in our family.. it feels like it wouldnt be complete without him. I dont know if I have said it much but I absolutely love having 2 kids .. and I really love having 2 boys.


When Wylders reflux isnt acting up Im pretty sure he is the happiest baby I have ever seen. And that says a lot since I have River to compare him to. He smiles if you just look at him. And it warms my heart. We need those smiles! And the 2 things that make him laugh the most: being scared (saying "boo!" loud or jumping) and fart noises! Such a boy!

He still spits up all the time. ALL THE TIME. (so we still hold him a lot just to keep him up right)  But he isnt nearly as fussy as he was when he was 2 months old. These days I feel like he is only fussy when he is hungry or tired. Which I couldn't praise the Lord more for.

He coos and talks all the time. And he is definitely ticklish EVERYWHERE. If I just touch his back, neck, shoulders, or feet he cracks up! I Love it. Freeland says he gets it from me. (except I very strongly dislike being tickled so thankful Wylder didn't get that part from me!)


He does the whole "45 minute intruder" just like his big brother. But he is much better than River was at this age. Most days he takes 2-4 naps depending on how long they are and what we are doing. Normally its 3. And I can normally guarantee he will take at least one good one (2-3 hour nap) the rest he wakes up at 45 minutes and cant get himself back to sleep. Thats okay! I know he'll grow out of it! And Im so thankful he takes at least 1 good nap a day that I couldn't care about the other 2 naps. (comparing him to when he used to not be able to sleep at all gives me that perspective)

At night he goes to bed around 6:00-7:00 and normally wakes up once to eat and back to sleep until 6:00-7:00. If he wakes up earlier than 4:00am to eat he can normally get himself back to sleep (crying off & on) I hope to drop the feeding sooner than later because I waited forever to do it with River and I realize looking back he definitely wasnt hungry at night. He just woke up because he was used to waking up. Once we have a good stretch where I can drop the feeding I will.


We gave him rice cereal for the first time over the weekend. He seemed to like it. I was so nervous it would make his reflux worse but so far he seems to be doing okay with it. It isnt helping him to spit up less .. but he isnt spitting up more so thats fine with me!

Other than all that he is just growing and growing. He has rolled over once or twice but really isnt a rolly polly baby. He is reaching for toys on his play mat and he's more and more interested in everything around him. He wants to pull up on our fingers and stand all the time. (he's been that way since he was born though!) I think he's most comfortable standing. Ive been practicing sitting up with him but I actually think he is so uncomfortable & it makes his reflux worse because he gets a little grumpy. Maybe as he grows he'll enjoy it more.

I adore you little man. Your smile lights up your entire face and couldnt warm my heart any more! I never want to forget how big your sweet smile is, your squeal when you are giggling, how you stare at your big brother all the time, and how you seem so fearless! I pray that you know God intimately and grow up desiring to bring him Glory.


  1. So precious Brooke, isn't funny how you can now easily brush off that 45 minute intruder? I have learned so much from you, you are an excellent mommy!

  2. Cutie looking just like his big brother!

  3. So much to be thankful for this year :) Hope you had a great gobble gobble day! Love your posts! They always crack me up, make me cry, or teach me a lesson!

  4. Ummm thank you so much for such a sweet comment! That was so nice of you! I hope you and your hubby are doing well. Loved all your family pictures on your blog.