Monday, October 24, 2011

washing my own mouth out with soap

First of all .. FREELAND IS HOME! 

Second of all, he surprised us and came home a day early. Just walked through the back door. (with the help of Sarah & Drew picking him up at the airport) It was the best surprise ever. I was completely shocked and for once finally had a good response! (jumping up and down .. hugging .. instead of just standing there in shock)

Third, River now says "oh my gosh"


Id love to say he heard it from both of us but seeing as only one of us has been here the last month .. I think we all know who to point the finger at.

To be honest, Im thankful thats the worst of what he has picked up. I have a feeling this child is going to help us out a lot. 


  1. Such a great surprise. Carter has started repeating me too so thank goodness I only say "Oh my gosh" and not other things!