Friday, October 7, 2011

this guy

largest picture ever. but one of my favorite pictures! Freeland back when we were dating fishing with our family on mothers day.

we are officially (almost) at the 2 week mark.

only 2 more weeks to go.

we miss him.

i miss him.

he will be embarrassed that I wrote this (he'd prefer I just tell him these things)

But its okay for everyone else to know that he is missed also.

and he isnt just missed because of all the ways he helps and supports us at home. (I have plenty of help currently) he is missed because I love him. love his goofy sense of humor. love his willingness to play. love spending time with him. love sleeping next to him. and love watching him with our boys. 

just 2 more weeks.


  1. our daddy is out of town for weeks at a time too right now. it will be two full weeks away before we see him again, the longest he and i have ever even been apart. it sucks :-( and literally i could have written your last paragraph...word for word. hope the next weeks fly for you!

  2. This makes me very happy.