Tuesday, October 25, 2011

big shoes to fill


the other day we searched everywhere trying to find Rivers shoes.

and couldnt find them anywhere

Finally on Sunday Freeland spotted them. They were on our shoe rack. Where shoes belong. Of course. But we didnt put them there.

River did.

Which is adorable that he put them away without us asking. I was actually shocked he knew that. We've never asked him to. Just goes to show once again he's watching more than we realize.

The thing I thought was adorable was seeing his shoes next to Freelands. Thinking about how one day he will have shoes just as big.. or bigger. And then of course I start thinking about the man he will become. And then of course I start crying. the end.


  1. So adorable! Did he place them that neatly, too!? :)

  2. OMG... so sweeet!!!, i myself a little bit scared of those days when my son become a grown up...don`t want it...

  3. You are SO talented---what a wonderful picture. MISS seeing all of you! when are you coming to TX?