Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1.5 years of awesomeness


This little guy is 1.5 years old. Im pretty sure he wants to know where his half birthday cake is (like last year) ... or that could be me wanting it. We'll have to celebrate when Freelands home. (that way Im not the only one eating the cake!)


We went to the doctor this morning. Unfortunately (for me) Freeland wasnt here to hold him down for his shots so I had to! But we made it. He now weighs 26lbs7oz (79%) and is 33.5" (84%) So funny to see him grow since he was always just barely on the charts as a baby.

We also discovered that he officially has his first ear infection. Poor guy. Im just thankful we made it this long without one before.


At 18 months River is ah-mahz-ing. I find myself daily wanting to tackle him to the ground and cover him in kisses. (and I do this multiple times a day & will continue to until he can drive. just kidding) He has a precious personality. He is attentive. He is curious. He is on the go. He is a helper. And he is showing us more and more the little man he is going to become daily.

As far as being a big brother, most the time he is still great. If Wylder cries he runs over to him. Or if River comes down stairs and doesnt see him he ask for him. Dont get me wrong, there are still moments if I put Wylder next to River he scoots away and doesnt want to be touched. But overall at this stage he is tender hearted and sweet to him. 


Im starting to see "the toddler" come out in him. He's wanting to bang all his toys on the walls, furniture, and windows. Im just waiting for him to figure out he can bang them on the baby too. He has an opinion and we are working to figure out how to help him express it.  He wants to climb, get rough, throw himself, talk/scream loud, and play hard. He's all boy. My favorite is how he follows his dad around all the time. And when he takes tools and pretends he is fixing things in the house.


We are finally in the home stretch of switching to 1 nap. Its taken forever. Until about a week ago he still needed to lay down in his crib and "rest" at 9:00 in order to make it to his nap without melting down. But I think we are finally making it.

His vocabulary is growing daily. Thanks to Adam & Camille we taught River to say "help please" (its what they did with Henry) and its been a life saver to keep him from getting frustrated. Id write down all the things he says but there are new words he tries to say everyday so that would be impossible.

His favorite is "oh no" though! (said like: "oooooooooh nooooooooo") Adorbs.


This month he became crazy attached to his binkie and his blanket. He is also having some separation anxiety when he is apart from us. He no longer will go to the Y or the church nursery. He screams the entire time. Its heart breaking. I know its normal and especially on top of all the change he has had going on. Hopefully its short lived.


Look at that face. I could die.

Love this little guy. Love learning new things about him everyday. Im proud of who he is becoming .. even during the tantrums where I have no idea what to do. Our biggest prayer is that he grows to know his Fathers heart for him.

Guess I need to start planning his 2nd birthday! Yeah right, I could never be that organized to start now! ;)


  1. so sweet Brooke! oh man, time flies, right? :)

  2. Hey Meagan! The vest is just from Target. love it! If they dont have any anymore Im sure they have a different version of it at least.

  3. so sweet! thanks for sharing about your sweet River, I can't believe he is already a 1.5 years!

  4. He is such a cutie! One of Chloe's favorite words is also "ohhh nooooo."