Wednesday, September 14, 2011

thank you

Wylder was actually screaming crying in this picture but I just happened to take it where it looked like he was smiling. (and definitly thought it was appropriate right now)

I just wanted to say thank you to pretty much everyone in the world right now.

Seriously, since we have had Wylder and all this reflux/colic junk kicked in I feel like Freeland and I have felt so loved and supported by everyone we know. All the phone calls, comments, emails, advice, messages on facebook, text, and even cards in the mail. Its been pretty unreal. The fact that anybody cares blows my mind.

Its been amazing to see how faithful the Lord has been during what was honestly one of my biggest fears (having a colicky child). There has been joy .. true joy .. patience .. grace .. faithfulness .. peace .. hope .. and perspective all in the middle of some seriously stressful and chaotic moments. And that is nothing but a testimony of God. Trust me, I couldnt do any of that on my own & especially not with a smile on my face!

Want to know exactly how crazy it is? I was even in the OB office for my follow up appointment .. surrounded by at least 5 women who were all pregnant and I seriously thought to myself:

"I could totally do it all over again right now and I would be fine if I got pregnant again today"


THAT, my friends, is the grace of God because no sane person could honeslty think that on their own with a 5 week old (at the time) severely reflux baby at home.

Dont worry, we are definitely not planning on getting pregnant again right away. But I was just sharing that as a testimony to how the Lord can provide joy in the midst of craziness.

Please know that Im never trying to be dramatic or make this more than it is. But the reality is that things are crazy. And in the moment it feels dramatic taking care of Wylder & River at the same time. But Im thankful for perspective that really this isnt that bad & its honestly going to be so short lived. Im so thankful for Wylder and seriously find so much joy from him. I wouldnt change anything (well maybe I would ask that he sleep more than an hour at a time at night or not scream.. if we're being honest) but Im thankful for the blessing he is so I hope I never offend anyone by the things Im saying!

Phew - all that to say, thank you! THANK YOU!!!! Your prayers are beyond a blessing and they are definitely being answered.


  1. You, my friend and cousin, are amazing. It took meds to get me to the place where you are after my colicky/reflux babies!!!!!! Glory to God! Love and hugs, M

  2. Thats awesome Brooke. You are such a wonderful mom. When you left GG last night it brought back memories of when I had to leave everything early because noone could calm Jackson down. I pray God calms his belly and continues to give you grace and mercy and rest. AND He gives you AND Freeland special ways to calm him. Wylder is such a precious little guy and River is so Good and sweet! What a couple of blessings! :) Love ya

  3. Aw thanks for yalls comments. Mary, I wouldnt say that Im all that amazing at 3 in the morning though! Thats pretty much when I lose it most mornings & Free takes over! :) And lets just say if someone was offering meds Id gladly accept them! But thankfully each morning is new and its a 1 day at a time thing!

    and you have no idea how many times I have thought "how did Mary do this with 3?? I can make it with 2 if she did this with 3!" It helps give me perspective that my hands could be much more full! :)

    Christie, youre so sweet. Thank you for your encouragement and for being so understanding. It helps to know that someone knows what its like!

  4. i'm so sorry to hear wylder is having a tough time. poor guy and poor you. i will say some prayers for you tonight. love your perspective on what is truly a blessing and you're right...the time will pass quickly!