Friday, September 9, 2011


a few sweet moments that make all the craziness worth it:

my favorite picture


River rocking Wylder when he started to fuss  (on his own .. even though Im not sure if he understood exactly what he was doing or if he was just copying what we were doing. Either way .. it was sweet)


While it was sweet .. Wylder didnt seem to enjoy it:

early mornings on the porch:

I wish you could have seen how proud River was to be sitting there. biggest grin on his face ever.


We got the nap nanny in the mail last week. Unfortunately it didnt work for Wylder so we returned it. But here are some pictures that I took right when we opened it up:

First of all, River's blanket is made with the same material so the first thing he literally did was put his face on the chair! It cracked us up:


then he apparently thought we got it for him to watch movies in:

thankfully he gave it over to his brother after that:




I cant wait until Wylder starts to respond to River. He definitely watches him now but before we know it Im sure River will be cracking him up and Wylder will be enamored with him!


  1. Just a suggestion, but my little one had reflux too and only slept well on his tummy. So in those times when I couldn't hold him to sleep, I had a homemade trick. I took an old sock and put some rice in it. Then heat it up in the microwave for just a little bit so it is cozy warm. Then when I would lay him down in the swing (or wherever), I would then snuggle the sock up on his tummy area. Just something to maybe try!

  2. So precious! Where is that swing that Wylder is in from?? I love it!!

  3. Jennifer! Thats a great idea. Thank you so much. I'll definitely have to try it out!! I know it would help!

    Also, Anonymous, the swing and bouncy seat are from Target. They are Dwell Studio's line. I purely got them because of the fabric. I wouldnt say they are the most entertaining options to get. Other brands of swings have more options on them (meaning more music, a mirror that rotates, soft & fuzzy seats, a mobile that turns, etc.) but it still does the job and its a great quality swing.