Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I know what River is getting for Christmas


The other weekend our dear friends Russ & Corinne came to visit us again. They are always so sweet and willing to make the drive to visit us. And its always fun & refreshing having them here.

We knew River would especially have a blast because Miley, their amazing/adorable pup, was coming with them. River loves dogs. And Miley is seriously so good with kids so its the perfect combination:

*all these are mega overexposed but its still just so adorable to see the pure joy on Rivers face .. I had to share them








Adorable.. no?

and sadly, I only got one other picture from their visit. But at least its a sweet one:

Russ & Wylder

Just for fun .. here are pictures of River & Miley almost exactly a year ago. (puppy and 3 month old River) cuteness.

PS: Dont worry family .. we arent going to actually get River a puppy for Christmas. (although I know he would love it and love us forever if we did;)  We will at least wait until he can say "I want a puppy for Christmas" himself.

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