Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day to day

If I did those "what I wore Wednesday" post (and if it were actually Wednesday)

This is what it would look like:


or maybe this:


tshirt or vneck
yoga pants (or my black stretchy pants)
and a baby


and thats why I dont do the "what I wore Wednesday" post.

But those of you who do - I admire. And I want to borrow your clothes. (especially you Mary! for real if you're ever cleaning out your closet I'll send you our address!)

also if I did a "what my house looks like" post it would look like this:



I dont know what this says about us? The table is sideways, messy, at least 5 bottles of wine out, diapers everywhere, toys everywhere ... hmmmm?

This is my life people.

And I happen to actually love it. Which speaks volumes of the Lord.


  1. Thank you for making me feel like a normal mommy! I rarely get out of t-shirts and "sweats". I am always toting a 7 month old on my hip and my two and a half year old is creating a path of destruction as he makes his way throughout the house. And yet, I love it all!

  2. The crooked table and bottles of wine made me giggle. Makes me wonder what you and Free are doing when the kids go to bed....hehe But, seriously thanks for sharing honestly I know you made a lot of messy moms feel normal and neat moms feel really super! And I had to laught out loud when I saw you wearing the GG shirt. Anytime I wear it Rob is like, "Oh, wearing your favorite shirt again?"

  3. I love the color on the walls! I'm looking for colors to fill my house -- do you know the name?? Thanks :0)

  4. Love Transparent Posts! You are an awesome mom!

  5. I absolutely love the color of the wall. The home I grew up in had walls covered with grime from the cigarettes my parents and siblings smoked.

  6. Love this post. I can totally relate. Our Bjorn is getting super faded from wearing three kiddos over the last few years.
    Praise God for the sweet blessings in your life that make things look a little different than they did before. :) I can't remember when Freeland finishes but give us a holler if you guys are interviewing for residency in our neck of the woods.

  7. Im glad yall enjoyed it. I didnt realize I was being honest but I guess its easy to assume people are always clean and put together when those are the pictures they always show! :)

    Erin .. the paint color is called River Mist (easy for me to remember! ha!) Its at Home Depot .. one of Martha Stewarts colors. We love it! Hope that helps! Brooke

  8. Thanks! I'm definitely going to check it out! We love Home Depot :0)

  9. This makes me smile! This is everyone's life as a mommy though most aren't willing to share it :) By the way, UAB has great ortho program so let me know if y'all decide to look here!