Thursday, September 8, 2011

dads best friend


these days pretty much anything Freeland is doing .. River wants to be doing too. I have so many pictures of him "working" with Freeland. Its cute.

Here he is putting together a stroller .. without pants on:


Its amazing to me the things he will copy. Like pretending to put sugar in his drink after he see's Freeland add it to his tea!


Its adorable when Freeland is outside working in the garage. Im pretty sure River thinks he is doing everything too. We're working on making sure he has his own tools so he isnt actually playing with Freelands tools. ;)


I think my favorite was when River "helped" Freeland build the new crib we bought. I need to find those pictures! (and also post pictures of both their rooms now that they are different.)

He is becoming quite the helper these days. We've quickly discovered asking him to "help" us is the best way to get him to follow directions and not throw a fit .. along with allowing him to feel involved & like he has our attention when it comes to helping with wylder. (for example, help me throw this diaper away or help me pat his back.. etc.) It doesnt always work but a lot of times it does. I think Ive learned so much more about Rivers personality and character watching him as a big brother! Its amazing. Okay off to grab the little one who is waking up!


  1. so sweet!!!! i think its time for a pic overload!!!

  2. Awww such a cute helper!! Great idea for him to be helping with lots of things that, honestly, you can use help with! Diapers, etc. He's still such a baby-seeing these pictures brings it all back. And WE SURVIVED!!! Praying every time I think of y'all each day!!