Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BC and Lady come to visit


Its officially taking me about 3 days to do 1 post now. But we are slowly making it through all the events in the Ackley household.

Over Labor Day weekend my dad & Tracy ventured up north to pay a lil visit to their 2 grandsons. (and us) It was their first time to meet Wylder!!  However, you wouldnt know this from the pictures because I dont have a single one to prove it. (thankfully Tracy does so we'll have to snag those from her!)  I do have pictures of them with River though.

It was SO fun having them here. I didnt realize how nice it was to have other people help with Wylder until they were here. And getting to watch them with River at this stage in his life was pretty special. You never realize how special time is with family until you are away and dont get it all the time.. Especially after having kids. I wish they were here to see all the things River does & know everything about his little personality all the time.  Instead we just did all we could to let them soak it all up in just a few short days.

Like taking care of scraped up knees:
(this was Rivers first bandaid! :) In this picture he was actually melting down though because Freeland & I cleaned the snot out of his nose so he could breathe. We're so mean. BC came to rescue him.


watching cartoons & snuggling before bed. these are the moments I wish our family & River got to have all the time.


the rest of the weekend was spent just hanging around the house. We did make it out to the zoo & dinner a few times. But other than that we stayed inside & rested... oh and ate a TON of food. It was my dads birthday right before the trip so what better way to celebrate than with your family & food!?



River in his shirt from The Masters!

It was sad to see them go. They were both so great with Wylder too. Jumping at any opportunity to hold him (there are lots) and working to get him to smile. It was sweet to see them with Wylder and watch them love on him for the first time. Ill have to post some of those pictures if I can snag them from Tracy. It really is amazing getting to watch people love your kids. Even if its family. Im thankful for all the trips everyone in our family is willing to make to see us.

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