Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 months


Well, the little guy is officially 2 months old. I feel like things are ca-razy but at the same time starting to slow down. Maybe Im just becoming used to it?

Wylder is doing all the wonderful things a 2 month old does: smiling, cooing, grabbing my hair, growing out of all his clothes, and making us fall more & more in love with him. Seeing him smile was such a blessing and affirmed he is actually happy. In a lot of ways he is a total momma's boy but of course Freeland is the one who can get him to smile the most!


I forgot to write down his stats at the doctors appointment so I cant remember them. But I do remember that he was 11lbs 8oz!!! Which was around the 50%? But River didnt even weight that much at 3 months so it definitely made us laugh. Little brother may just be dominating big brother before we know it!

funny old man faces

At first the nurse made us feel like idiot parents when we told her how much Wylder is up during the middle of the night. (not her fault, she probably just didnt realize how it came off) But then the doctor affirmed us that its normal with his reflux.  However, she did also give us the go ahead to let him cry some if we were up to it. Which we are. We'll see what happens.

As far as a schedule goes there still isnt one. But there is hope of one! He's starting to go to bed earlier and if we can get him to take good naps it seems like he is starting to take them at normal times 3-4 times a day.

Oh and it also seems he is going to follow in his brothers footsteps and do the 45 minute nap intruder thing! But this time I know he will grow out of it so its okay!

conversations with dad

There are good days and bad days. What Ive learned is that just because there is a good day doesnt mean it will be that way tomorrow.. but Ive see how important it is to just be thankful for the good moments! This month my aunt, mom, & step dad are all coming to visit. I cant wait for them to get extended time with Wylder and get to know him more (and of course spoil River rotten too!)


  1. Your boys are beautiful Brooke! You are such a great mom! Miss you guys!

  2. He's so cute. My husband often says "how can 20 minutes of crying ruin your whole day?" It does. It all adds up. Hang in there. I love following. ;)

  3. I LOVE all your pictures! You do an amazing job and seems like your camera is great!