Tuesday, August 30, 2011

why isnt there a mechanic in our family?

I think every family needs a lawyer, doctor, contractor, and a car mechanic.  dont you agree?

Anyway, back in July Freeland wrecked his truck. It wasnt his fault. It was the rains fault. (which made me beyond grateful that somehow we managed all these winters without any wrecks in the snow when he was driving far for rotations.)

Freelands truck
one side of the bumper.

So the last month we have been with just 1 car. Which is fine because in case you dont know, Im a homebody and wasnt planning on leaving the house with 2 kids anyway. Also, Freeland was on a rotation with great hours where he was home early everyday so it wasnt a big deal to wait for him to get home.

Anyway, the day before we were supposed to go pick up the truck we got a phone call letting us know that someone had broke into it and stole the "system" that was in it. They pretty much tore apart the entire dashboard too. (quick back story: we bought the truck used from our vet in Waco and he had a tv, dvd player, gps, and pretty much the works installed in the truck so thats what these hood-rats {doing hood-rat things with their friends} stole) We never really used any of it so it wasnt a big deal. And the dummies who stole it seriously just took the face of it and not "the brains" so they will never be able to use what they took. Hilarious!

Saturday we finally got the truck back. Its just like new. Except with 2 kids + car seats awkwardly squished in the back now.

on another note, this is Rivers face when he sees Freeland get home from work:

 Seeing dad get home

pure joy! 


  1. glad your car is back so you can soon venture out to wegmans with both kiddos! ha! thanks again for being so sweet when I was up visiting last week. I'll be back soon so we can do hoodrat things together....love it!

  2. HEY!!!! Congrats on baby! HE IS SO CUTE! love your pictures!