Tuesday, August 23, 2011

update to my update

First of all .. it was my 10 year high school reunion this last weekend. ca-razy. Obviously, I wasnt there since we live so far away & have our hands currently full. But that makes me feel super old.

Second, Freeland fixed our computer so I was finally able to get the pictures off my camera.

And this is seriously the most handsome baby Ive ever seen. Here he is passed out on my lap 2 weeks ago:


Third, here is an update to my last update. Im sorry if you are tired of reading about sleeping, reflux, etc. etc. but its our world right now. And hopefully I can post about something else next because honestly, Im even tired of talking about it!

But thank you for all of your advice and sharing your experiences. If you didnt see my response in the comments .. it definitely helped affirm and encourage us that we werent crazy. We hit a peak last Wednesday and the little guy pretty much screamed all evening and all night. It was a growing moment for us to say the least.

We called our doctor to let her know the medicine we were trying clearly wasnt working. So she recommended we go to a GI specialist in Pittsburgh (there isnt one in Erie) Thankfully we were able to bump our appointment up two weeks and went down yesterday. The doctor was wonderful and such an answer to prayers. She affirmed that Wylder has bad reflux and is "super sensitive" to pretty much life! She spent so much time with us giving us all the information she could and reassuring us.

She also explained how he has a protein sensitivity to dairy (I probably said that wrong but oh well) basically he's allergic to dairy & soy. And even in my attempt to take it all out of my diet for the last month so I could breast feed him it didnt help (because its almost impossible to get soy out of your diet unless I just ate celery for the next year basically) So we've switched to formula. Im apparently in denial about it because Im still pumping. Even though I love giving him bottles and Im all for formula .. its a little hard to give up the idea of feeding him myself. But the formula is seriously helping so much. Its amazing.

He is still fussy & we have to work to calm him down. And screams on his back. And spits up. And all that goes with Reflux. But it isnt nearly as bad as it was. There are moments he is content. And we just started the new medicine today so hopefully it will help even more. There are moments it seems its helping and others where it seems like nothing is working.

We also ordered a nap nanny. We'll see how it works. Right now the only way he is happy is on his tummy. He wont sleep in the swing or car seat (even the doctor said to try that!) so Im not sure the nap nanny will work.. but its worth a shot!

I'll keep you updated. But seriously, its getting better. And its crazy what I consider "better" these days!

and Im done talking about reflux. I promise!


  1. So good to hear! That was our exact experience with Jacob too! He couldn't tolerate an ounce of my milk no matter what I cut out of my diet! Jacob grew out of it pretty much by a year!

  2. Hey. Glad you were able to get some answers. Just a thought I might save the milk you are pumping and freeze it to try later. He may grow out of it. Avery did around 6 months. It's extra work I know but you might be able to "feed" him your milk later. Hope you guys are all doing well!

  3. So glad y fnd a helpful solution! I nursed mine shorter and shorter periods with each baby because they all had reflux and we learned that once we tried everything else formula would help. It always did!!

  4. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. My 3rd was the exact same way until he was about a year and then it all went away and he could drink milk just fine. It will get better! Good luck!

  5. Gosh, this sounds really stressful. Sounds like you're getting closer to solutions that will help him be happy (and get you some sleep). I hope the sleep nanny works. At the height of Annabel's reflux she had some times when she cried all night and we held her in a sling walking on the treadmill to help her sleep. Of course that means you don't get any sleep but, we were desperate. Just an idea if there is a point where nothing else is working and you can't take the crying. Hopefully the slee nanny will do it though! :-)

  6. My little guy had really bad reflux and the nap nanny was great! It worked like a charm until he became more mobile and I didn't trust him sleeping on it anymore, even though I was sleeping right by him. But it was a life saver for the first couple of months. And I'm hoping he'll love to use it as a lounge chair as he gets older (will make me feel better about how much money we spent on it!) Good luck. It's rough, I know!

  7. I didn't realize how bad the reflux was! This sounds so hard - i'm sorry you have to go through it and for the little guy as well. I'd love to stop by and visit and meet the Wylder soon, but if you are totally exhausted and not up for visitors, I completely understand!

  8. Fisher price makes a "soothing motion glider" that worked wonders with our little girl who also had bad reflux. It can either move side to side or front to back. It has a slight incline so they aren't laying flat.

  9. Wait - you just had your 10 year!? Mine is next year! That makes me feel like I'm way behind on children ;) hehe!