Monday, August 15, 2011

update and learning all about reflux

FIRST OF ALL - LOOOVED reading all of your expertise and experiences with your babes and them sleeping!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Seriously. Its always so interesting to hear how we all do it differently. And its nice to get ideas from people who have done it before and/or also know Im not the only one doing certain things!  Hopefully it helped some of you too!  Im finding with our second little one Im doing things 100% differently than I did with River!

Second, Wylder has Reflux.

Can I get a what? what?


Thankfully he isnt spitting up all his food. Honestly, he spits up but nothing that seemed abnormal to me.. Which is why I didnt think he had reflux. But upon taking him to the doctor last Thursday (after calling and begging to come in because I swore something was wrong) we discovered the poor little guy has reflux.


my thoughts exactly little man.

It explains why my awesome happy little baby who slept like a champ was all the sudden waking up at night more often crying out in pain. And why he all the sudden hates being put on his back.. or really hates any position that isnt sitting straight up. And why if we dont burp him for (what seems like) an hour he spits up. And why he is fussy all the time. And why Im tired. And why my arms are getting a work out from holding him and soothing him. And why I thought I was going crazy! (not really but I had my moments)

On a side note, Im pretty sure one of the most common things we heard when I was pregnant was:

"good luck, the first ones always easy and the second one is always hard"

I actually dont think thats true in every case. (and I actually dont think its the most encouraging thing you could say to someone who is going to have 2 kids under 2 but whatevs.)

But in ours case.. their theory is proving to be true. (so pat yourself on the back all you peeps who warned us ;)

Anyway, I really knew nothing about this so called "reflux" until pretty much last Wednesday when I called the doctor out of desperation & started googling everything. From what I can tell it seems there is a wide range of how it presents itself for each baby. Some are worse than others.

Wylder seems to just mostly be in constant pain & only relieved of the pain when he is sitting up right. I mean, straight up.. not in his car seat or swing.. literally with his back straight and up. And its the worst if he is laying on his back. (which makes setting him down or sleeping awesome. not) I want to say he is colicky but I wont. I realize he is able to be consoled/comforted most the time when he is crying. So even though Im working to comfort him ALL day.. he can be comforted and I am very thankful for that. He is also able to keep his food down, he's healthy, he's growing, and he has some moments where it seems like he isnt in pain so I really am thankful. (I need to remind myself of these things at 3:00 in the morning when my attitude is ummm not very thankful!) We're trying out a few things the doctor and other peeps have recommended. And hopefully its all short lived and he grows out of it.

Mostly, its just heart breaking hearing him cry out in pain & knowing I cant really help him.

So I apologize for the lack of post & pictures & updates. (not that anyone has been knocking at my door demanding updates!) My hands are just a lil' full all day either taking care of River or bouncing this little guy until he gets comfy. And in the rare moments he's able to sleep through it all I think its important that I do things like brush my teeth, change out of my pajamas, think about showering, and especially play with River.

love it when babies smile in their sleep!

But I really hope to post more updates soon! I also hope to finally get all the pictures off my camera one day!

In 5 days this little guy is going to be 1 MONTH OLD! Can you believe it?? I definitely cant. Even though its crazy its still going by too fast!


  1. Our son had reflux too and I felt like I was about to die out of sleeplessness, frustration, and about every other emotion. It will get better - GOOOO Zantac!! :)

  2. Brookie, I'm sorry to hear that, I'll keep the little guy and you in my prayers. Love you guys!

  3. My first son had reflux and it was tough!! I wore him most of the day in the Bjorn so he would sleep and then slept him on his tummy at night - I know it's a no-no but we all slept better because of it. Good luck!

  4. We had the same thing with our daughter. Thankfully, Zantac, soy formula, belly sleeping, and and elevating one of the of the crib solved the problem. Ever since, she has slept like a champ, but until we got the diagnosis, it was ROUGH!

  5. hi brooke-
    i found your blog through amy y. i know her through CCFC. just wanted to encourage you.
    my son (he is now 1) had really bad reflux. he lost a ton of weight and screamed non stop, never napped. it was SO hard. but there are some tips i found helpful. i let him nap in his swing. he liked to have his head elevated. also used a wedge in his crib (i know, some frown on this). Zantac helped sometimes. also when i had to give him formula (when i was back to work) i used similac sensitive, that was easier on his tummy. some swear by probiotics. do you have a good carrier, like a moby or something to hold him close? these sensitive lil guys do test our patience, but soon it will all be a distant memory.
    i will say a prayer for you today!
    erinn haley.

  6. Our little Hudson had terrible reflux. In fact he threw up today and he's almost 4 years old - his stomach is just really sensitive. We also let him take naps in his swing, because he wouldn't sleep well lying flat until he was about 6 months old. And he slept in an infant chair that sat him upright at night. Hang in there! Hudson ended up being such a happy little baby once we figured out how to keep him most comfortable.

  7. Sorry Brooke! Asher had it too (caused by a tongue and maxillary frenum tie that we didn't discover until way later). We never medicated, but did find some things that helped: Nap nanny, wearing in the moby, no tight pants or diapers, infant massage, and probiotics. I'm sorry you guys are having to walk through this. It can seriously make you feel like you're going to lose your mind. Asher finally just outgrew it. Just remember that it WILL be over soon!

  8. My friend's baby had reflux and she swore by the Nap Nanny!

  9. my nephew has the worst reflux...makes me so sad to see him in such discomfort. hope things begin to settle down and everyone gets the relief they need!

  10. Carter was on Zantac until he was 8 months old (we tried to wean him off at 6 mo but he wasn't ready) and it made such a difference! He also slept on his tummy once we figured out what the problem was and to this day is still a belly sleeper. Good luck! I know it's hard but eventually their little esophagus figures out its job ;)

  11. sounds like colic to me. no biggie.. just bounce away or baby wear. that's what we did. also, a nap nanny works wonders.
    just sayin..

  12. Oh Brooke, I am so sorry! Reading your post brought back everything I went through with Addy. We dealt with everything you are talking about and it was sooooo hard! I was scared to have another baby because I feared what life would be like with another baby like that. I now realize that all babies are not like that and Addy really was in pain. The doctor told us Peyton has reflux and I laughed and told him no way because he is nothing like his sister. He said there are different ways it presents itself and Peyton was spitting up and gagging sometimes and it scared us because he almost choked one time, so we did start medicine for him. We started reflux medicine with Addy at 2 months. Do you remember when you came to take her picture and she screamed the whole time unless I nursed her! I think that is why I just nursed her to sleep all the time! Of course if I put her down she would wake up. My arms got really toned. A few things that worked for her were holding her really close to my body with her tummy facing my stomach and sitting on the side of a bouncy bed and literally bouncing up and down. (I think my in-laws thought I was going to give her shaken baby syndrome, but it was the only way to get her quiet). It was a good workout too! She slept in her bouncer until about 5 months old and then we put a pillow under her mattress and used a wedge in the crib. She also took naps (when she actually napped) in her swing. We loved the papasan swing because for some reason the side to side motion was better for her. Once she got older we had another swing that sat straight up that she also napped in. I also had to nurse her with her body sitting straight up. If not she would scream and pull away from me like she was in pain. I almost went to pumping, but once we started that it worked. I am not going to tell you how long it took for her to sleep through the night consistently, but she is the best little sleeper now and goes 12 hours straight every night! She is also an awesome toddler! You will survive, but it is a challenge. I will pray for you!

  13. Oh Brooke I'm so sorry he has reflux. All of mine did and Ty's was the worst I'm not one who said the first one was easy and the second one is hard!! We have been to about 5 doctors over the last four years for reflux and these are the tried and true things that were life-changers, for the baby and the parents.

    1. Sleep them on an incline. There are a few different ways to do this-Buy a sleep positioner, (Babies R US, Targer,) and always lay them on that. It keeps them at a good angle and helps keep their stomachs more upright.

    2. Keep him upright for 10-15 minutes after each feeding--on your shoulder after burping him, etc. This is a huge part of keeping that milk in his stomach long enough to start digesting it so that once you lay him down not as much is in the top of his tummy.

    3. Prevacid is stronger than Zantac and while some babies do well on Zantac mine didn't-We tried raising the dosage a few times but it wasn't until we switched to Prevacid that things really started changing. All of a sudden they could be at peace and weren't in horrible pain!! It was an awesome day with each one of my kids!! Each one was on a different dosage and Ty was on the highest one for a kid his weight and age--30 mg. it was a lot of medicine but that's what it took. He could finally sleep and eating didn't hurt him. I also pumped and fed him bottles a lot of the time because I could physically position him the right way, (upright) and he could swallow without pain. It definitely complicates feedings but it's worth it if your baby has screamed non stop for a few weeks!

    4. Last, I slept them on their stomachs from the first time they could flip over--with Ty it was at four months and with the girls it was earlier than that. I put Joy on her stomach at like 5 days old because I had to just try it because she wouldn't sleep at all in any position I'd tried. She curled up on her tummy and slept for four hours straight. She's slept on her tummy ever since. I always use fans in their rooms to circulate the air which I've read decreases the risk of SIDS dramatically.

    5, Ask for help and get out of the house when you need a break. Reflux and colic can wreak havoc on a momma and you will slip into craziland before you know it if you don't have a little break!

    Love you all!!

  14. Hey Brooke!

    I came to your blog today because I have been wanting to tell you congratulations on your sweet baby boy!! Both of your boys are just adorable. Well, I guess I will share our experience, too! ha

    Anniston had reflux as well, but baby Zantac and the bouncy seat seemed to do the trick. I also remember tilting my body a ton while nursing her so that her head would be higher than her stomach... anyway, it did go away by 6 months, and it wasn't bad once we did those little tricks. Oh, also, I did have to cut out some dairy in my diet because it was causing her to spit up more. We did give her a calcium supplement for other reasons...not sure if that would be needed when you cut dairy out. I took a calcium supplement, too.

    I have a friend with a baby who had really bad reflux who swears by the nap nanny, too :). I know they're expensive, but I'm sure it's sounding worth it when you just need a breather. Maybe someone could let you borrow one before you made the big purchase...if you are even interested in one.

    Well, I am really happy for you all, and I will say a special prayer, too, that sweet Wylder's tummy settles! :)

  15. Ist time commenter, but my duaghter, Natalie, had really bad reflux as well. She's now 14 months, so you'll survive! She was on Prevacid for the first year. The Nap Nanny was absolutely a LIFESAVER, if you don't already have one I highly recommend it! And no one has mentioned Simply Thick, but it dramatically helped her. It is a thickening gel for people with swallowing disorders, but Natalie's feeding therapist recommended it and it was seriously one of the best secrets to helping her tolerate feedings. We tried the powdered thickeners, but they were not nearly as well-tolerated by her. Simply Thick is expensive, but worth every penny. We were able to wean her off of her liquids being thickend by about 10.5/11 months or so. We used it in formula for her, but I'm sure it could be used in bottle-fed breast milk as well. Hope that helps!

  16. Oh goodness! Bless all of you! I definitely feel so encouraged and affirmed! And I definitely feel like Im not crazy anymore! I was a little afraid we were just being dramatic or something about how things were .. but I realize now that we aren't! Its crazy for everyone! :)

    I was curious how everyone's baby slept once their reflux got better. In some ways I think he is learning to sooth himself better than if he didnt have reflux and sleep training will be easier. In other ways I wonder if he'll ever sleep well. But either way we'll be fine! And I was curious if any of you changed your diet. I cant tell if dairy, caffeine, alcohol, etc. makes it worse yet. But Im trying to cut out what I can. If we need to switch to formula we might but Im going to try feeding him as long as I can make it. SO thank you for sharing how things went for yall!

    So far I try to lay him down as much as possible and let him sleep on his own (and normally that means laying him down on his tummy) He actually doesnt do well in the swing or bouncy seat (even though its propped up and has him sitting up! strange?) When he has trouble sleeping on his own or it causes him pain (after about 45 minutes - 2 hours of trying) I normally give up and just let him sleep on me because Im tired and give in. :) We may have to try out the nap nanny or raising his crib!

    We are trying Zantac right now but it doesnt seem to be making a huge difference so we will probably switch meds this week! Praying the other works better!

    Thank you again for all your encouragement, tips, and for sharing your story/experience!! it helps a lot! I'll always welcome the advice too! :)

  17. Brooke - Avery had a sensitivity to dairy and once we cute that out her fussiness/pain/spitting up ended. I've had friends say the same. She never had reflux, but we did border on colic. Praying you are able to figure it out soon!

  18. I tried to cut different things out, but never really found anything that worked. The medicine did help, but she was always difficult. I think she got used to me holding her all the time so she wanted that to continue. I really should have gotten a sling!!