Friday, August 5, 2011

a few more pictures

(or a lot more pictures)

We were at the hospital for 4 days. And it was still too short if you ask me. Id happily stay longer. I very much love being at the hospital after having a baby. I feel like in some ways the C-Section was harder the second time around & in other ways it was much easier. That makes perfect sense right? Once my medicine (finally) kicked in.. recovery was a breeze! It just took longer to kick in this time & I felt more contractions afterwards than I did last time. But Ive been able to do plenty at home and it hasnt been too bad.
The other day it occurred to me there is a chance that we wont deliver another baby here in Erie. Which makes me sad. I love my doctor here and I love the hospitals here. But who knows?!

Here are some pictures from our last day at the hospital.


big bro + lil bro (I ordered the shirts from Etsy for those curious)


for a second he wasnt sure


then he was happy:


family of four about to leave the hospital:




freeland took this picture and Im very thankful for it



going home:




two car seats!

finally home

Things are going well so far though. We finally got Wylder back up to his birth weight and feeding is starting to get better. (both kiddos had trouble gaining weight at first so thankfully this wasnt anything new to me!) The kid just wants to sleep through every single feeding. We literally had to put a cold wet cloth on him to keep him awake to eat. And I was having to wake him up at night every 2 hours to feed him but thankfully the doctor gave me the go ahead to let him sleep at night as long as he will without waking him up anymore. (of course now he wakes up more often than when I was waking him up!)  And he is starting to be awake more often during the day. I think he may have some tummy issues because he has moments where he seems pretty uncomfortable or restless. But for the most part he is a happy little baby. (so far at least!)

My mom leaves tomorrow. Then Freelands mom gets here on Sunday and is here until Wednesday morning. Im trying to mentally prepare myself for what its going to look like once we dont have visitors or help. And Im not sure Im prepared at all or want to even think about it! Thankfully the Lord is faithful and he'll provide the energy, patience, and grace we need!

Hopefully I can share more pictures of us actually at home & what life looks like now soon!


  1. Those two carseats in the back are going to make it hard for our next road trip from the airport:) Love you guys! They are so precious!

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures! Congratulations again! You are blessed!

  3. Beautiful boys! Can't wait to come up and see you (hopefully soon). I already know you are going to great and be an amazing mother to your sweet boys!

  4. Wonderful pictures! What a beautiful family. Miss you guys!

  5. congrats!! both of your boys are precious. it is definitely exciting from here on out, but only being a week ahead of you i'm sure we are in the exact same shoes :-) love wylder's name!!